No tax on CO2 emissions in China’s new environment law: Will this move bring further harm to the environment?

  • Yes, no tax on CO2 emissions will bring further harm to the environment.

    If there is no penalty on the emission of CO2 in China, then people will be less likely to take preventative measures to correct them.
    Placing a tax on tea CO2 emissions will force companies to take the necessary steps to fix the CO2 emissions. If there are no punitive penalty companies will likely ignore the necessity. It is very necessary to impress upon companies the severity of CO2 emissions and how they negatively affect the environment.

  • This action will harm the environment.

    This sound like a "giving in to corporate" decision. The world really needs to get its CO2 emissions under control. Giving a tax break to companies with high CO2 emissions is definitely not the answer. The only way to make change sometimes is to hit people in their wallets. If this law is successful, then what is China's incentive to do the right thing?

  • Yes, I think so.

    If all the environmentalist would plant 1 tree a week, The CO2 problem would resolve itself. CO2 is the essence of all plant life and the existence of human life. It would be insane to tax it at any level.Taxing or fining for pollution is a good idea. Taxing for carbon emissions is simply stupid and wealth redistribution.

  • CO2: No Restrictions Equals Deadly Air Quality

    The rise of CO2 emissions across the globe is a great cause for concern. In China, no taxation on CO2 emissions will only make the problem of global warming, along with unbreathable, toxic air a huge problem. Chinese cities are already unhealthy due to the levels of toxins, CO2 and heavy pollutants in the air. With no regulations on the amount that is emitted into the environment, this problem will only increase until it reaches the point where it is beyond repair.

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