No Troops to Iraq: Should we have gone into Iraq after September 11, 2001?

  • No troops should have stayed home

    Troops should have never gone to Iraq. A small terrorist group in Iraq was to blame, not the entire country. Many lives were lost in a war that will never end. Sending troops to Iraq opened up Pandora's box and ruined many lives and the enconomy of the United States.

  • Invading Iraq Was A Mistake

    The invasion of Iraq was the wrong move for America to take in the wake of September 11. Iraq was not directly responsible for the attack. It is true that removing Saddam Hussein was a good thing considering his violent behavior, but the situation in Iraq has not improved much for the average Iraqi. It was also a war waged under false pretenses considering there was never good intelligence saying that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Overall, the war was a mistake.

  • Things have fallen apart.

    No, we should not have gone into Iraq after September 11, 2001, because Iraq has fallen apart now that we have left. Iraq was not responsible for the attacks of September 11. Hussein was a terrible dictator, but we had bigger problems that were more direct threats to the United States. We should have focused on Iran, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia.

  • No, we should not have.

    Frankly we had no reason to be there. We tried to help, but that wasn't the reason we lost so many of our men. The men in charge of our government wanted the American people behind them, and many of us were for a while, but then we started to see the truth. It was a no win situation, one that didn't have a reason except for profit behind it. I'm not totally against war, but I think that we need a better reason to invade a country.

  • There was no real reason

    The stated reason was the possible link to al-queda and the possible of a wmd program that Sadam had. In reality, there was no chance that Sadam was helping Bin Laden, the two very much disliked each other, and there was no evidence to suggest that link. And all evidence for a WMD program had been basically debunked, which is why we didn't find anything besides some dated cold war era gas when we went in. We should never have gone in and we should not go back.

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