Noam Chomsky: 'NSA surveillance is an attack on American citizens.' Agree (yes) or disagree (no)?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • Yes, it is harrassment.

    Yes, NSA surveillance is an attack on Americans, because it is akin to living in a police state. There is not a place that we can go where the government is not watching us. There is not a communication that we can send, other than face to face, that Big Brother isn't listening. This is America distrusting its own citizens without provocation.

  • Yes but necessary evil

    Yes the spying is an attack on American citizens as well as the rest of the world. The problem is though it is a necessary evil that we are better off living with then fighting. The government is going to spy either way so we may as well let them so they can get the most out of it to protect the nation.

  • Yes it is.

    NSA surveillance is like an attack on American citizens. It is us that are being punished when we have done nothing wrong. Spying on American citizens is wrong. There is a quote, and I don't remember it exactly, but it is something like, "those who give up their freedoms for security deserve neither".

  • NSA surveillance is wrong.

    I am an American that believes in the governments ability to take care of us, but I do not think that they should do it through widespread and illegal means. If this wiretapping had been proven effective, I would have no issues with it, but it has not been proven effective.

  • It is an attack

    Most importantly it is an attack on our freedom of privacy. There is also the condition that it may be unlawful search and seizure without warrants. This type of surveillance was long thought to be happening, but there was no real proof. Now that we are faced with the proof of the event, it is incredibly wrong.

  • Chomsky Right, NSA is an Attack on US Citizens

    Yes, Noam Chomsky is correct that NSA surveillance is an attack on American citizens in that it is an affront to a right to privacy. Every US citizen should be able to expect a great degree of privacy when in the confines of his/her own home, and NSA surveilance ignores any such right.

  • NSA Surveillance Shows a Lack of Trust

    NSA Surveillance, in its secretive implementation, implies that U.S. citizens are not to be trusted. It's a paternalistic, overbearing program that almost shows that the NSA knew that if its activities were known, they would not be accepted. Secretive, wide-sweeping programs like these should only be used against individuals and groups that the government has legal probable cause against. Undiscriminating surveillance is a dangerous tool.

  • It is great.

    It protects us and you are complaining over something stupid, I am happy and I am in high school. If anything it sounds as if you want another 9/11, because that is what they are preventing. If you can't see that how can you be proud I would be ashamed of myself if I hated it. I don't have anything to hid.

  • It is necessary

    Surveillance protects us from things that we may not even know about, the government surveillance by the NSA is now warranted and justified. It is here for a reason, though most people believe that it is unnecessary and not needed. The surveillance is not there to listen to us for no reason, it is there to help us and keep us away from danger.

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