• Gender is a Social Construct Based on Sex, But it Can be Different from the Gender Assigned at Birth Based on Sex

    Gender and sex are two different things. Gender is how a person identifies There are plenty of cases of people identifying as neither male nor female (they/them, Etc. ). To disregard their experiences and tell them that they don't identify as nonbinary is like telling someone who's gay that they're strait. You can't determine for yourself whether another people is gay, Straight, Bisexual, Pansexual, Etc. , And you can't determine whether someone identifies as male, Female, Or another gender.

  • Gender is supported by society into becoming this construct in a sense of a black/white issue when I believe it more of a spectrum

    Of course however, I would in no way imply it's a balanced scale with the same proportion falling more towards the middle than what we would consider definitively male/female, It is to be clearly seen as a minority however to say such gender doesn't exist is not recognising experiences that differ to the majority. From any background knowledge of neuroscience it's clear to see that people can differ dramatically between lives, Thus making it not so hard to believe a smaller issue like a difference in gender orientation can arise (we have don't have advanced enough brain imaging technologies- none that accurately can describe the electrical stimulation of a present mind- to be able to scientifically specify whether this is true- as many people have noted the lack off/failed/discredited studies). Dysphoria however is a recognised medical condition, That I have known of people personally to have been diagnosed with before having any knowledge of gender identity (before the wider spread of knowledge currently occurring). Lastly, There are people who have lived a long life as non-binary, Grown old and have already died, It seems odd to suggest these people lived a life of something that doesn't exist is it not? They struggled day-to-day scenarios as we all do, Had their identity challenged & discussed yet still lived an ordinary life under a different term to the average person, Have died as we all will do & yet we are to suggest that that life didn't exist or was lived in its entirety (YEARS) under false pretences?

  • As long as the distinction between gender and sex is made

    Non-binary genders exist as people choose to identify as non-binary. Biologically, Your sex is something you do not decide, But gender, Which can go beyond established ideas of male and female, Is more flexible and thus non-binary genders exist. Science done on this is really controversial, So just by going by their established definitions, Non-binary genders exist.

  • Hell yeah they do

    Intersex people are a prime example that B I O L O G I C A L LY genders outside of the normalized sexual binary exist. Next, Look at gender dysphoria. Countless neurological brain scans done by CREDIBLE S C I E N T I S T S. Oh also they/them pronouns? Fuck yes!

  • Gener and Sex are different

    Sex is the biological term that is based on genitalia. Gender is a structural feature of society and the sociological significance of gender is that it is a device by which society controls its members. With that information, You can say that there are roles and expectations associated with gender that one can associate with their sex and these roles and expectations can sometimes fall outside the general gender construct which therefore makes non-binary genders possible.

    Posted by: DTJD
  • Gender is more important than birth-determined sex

    Gender is a subjective self determination, One which by definition cannot be imposed externally or arbitrarily. Historically in western cultures, Due to social pressure and convention, One's gender identity has traditionally overlapped with the mostly-binary sex categories, Dependent on which genitalia were present at birth. The most common misconception in discussing this topic is the conflation of "gender" and "sex. " Another serious mistake is the conflation of the biology of one's birth-determined sex with the culture's regard for it.

    One's birth-determined sex, Ignoring anomalies or medical procedures to alter it, Alone can not possibly dictate a person's attitudes or behaviors. Yet western cultures have historically prescribed roles arbitrarily upon this distinction. The reasons for the assignment of roles along sex lines cannot be rationalized by biology, And is rooted in primitive biases. Hypothetically, A culture could exist that does not recognize birth-determined sex as a socially significant trait, And have split roles along something just as arbitrary, Such as whether one carried a distinguishing tattoo (see Dr. Seuss' "sneetches"), Being just as biologically unjustifiable, Yet with just as much social impact as that of distinguishing people based on genitalia declared present at one's birth.

    In the end, It is not logical to characterize persons based on genitalia, Especially compared to more interesting traits such as one's interests, Beliefs, And social relations. Historically, The overwhelming function of determining sex at all was in the interest of arbitrary gender assignment. Such assignment fails to recognize the natural diversity of human development. The recognition of the exaggerated effect of one's birth-determined sex on their character is the motivation for identifying the term "gender" to more meaningfully describe one's relation to roles in a society where such roles happen to exist.

  • Hermaphrodites exist naturally

    There is a sliding scale of sexuality in nature from the extreme male to the extreme female and all shades in between. This should be an obvious indicator of the distribution of hormones. Given that neurology points out that all our actions are hormonal then definitely the gender (actions) should also be on a sliding scale from the two extreme genders and a whole lot of shades inbetween.

  • Nonbinary has always been a gender.

    It's just gone by different names throughout history. Simple as that.
    Gender, As the term is used in modern times, Does not refer to sex. To clarify— 'Sex' refers to the classification we give a person based on their sexual anatomy. 'Gender' is a mix of several things— a person's psychological map of their own sex, Cultural expectations attached to each sex, The way culture categorizes sex, And more.

    To say "nonbinary isn't real" ignores reality in favor of a clean and simple binary. In every constituent of gender, There are more than two binary options—
    -The brain can psychologically map intersex bodies. (For example, Many intersex people don't have gender dysphoria) There's no reason, Then, Why a person's brain *couldn't* have a non-standard map of the body's sex. Nonbinary is just a term used to describe the map that's already there.

    —Pretty much all culture has a space for androgyny, Or more than just masculine/feminine. It's clearly not impossible to call a person nonbinary, Or use pronouns other than he or she.

    —The binary of man=penis/woman=vagina is *very* eurocentric. Nonbinary genders have already existed since before anyone alive on Earth was born. They still exist today.

    My final point? The WHO recognizes it, And it's legally recognized in many places. If it's ALREADY legally and medically treated as valid (and had been since before we were born), What more proof do you need? Will it take the hand of God reaching down to scribble you a note? It can't be that much trouble to say "sure, Whatever. "

  • There are 4

    First there is female
    and male
    and then if you neuter all of them, Then it would be neither.
    If you inject both systems in 1 human as biology experiments, Then it would be both.
    T h e r e a r e 4 g e n d e r s

  • Absolutely yes positively

    Everybody has sensations they want legitimized, Everybody has sensations that are pathologized so as to become their identity. Some more, Some less than others. Long before people didn't get around to to understanding one another men were calling themselves women and vice versa. So take that you big smelly germ ball.

  • No, There are only male and female.

    What scientists do observe are gender-bending chemicals from man-made products affecting the environment and this spills over onto disciplines that treat it as a sexuality phenomena and not as a result from outside forces. It is irresponsible and encourages a degenerate culture in which sexual deviants and perverts benefit as well as impressionable mothers that push their children into a state of chaos.

  • There are two genders

    Science supports this argument. I think the idea of non binary comes from "gender being a social construct. " Which I think is silly. Sure not everyone will fit our typical gender roles. Gender roles aren't always bad but it is fine to not fit into them. Does that make you no gender though? No you're still one of two genders.

  • No no no

    You were born with a dick or a pussy, That determines your gender, Not how you act or dress, It is purely based on your genitalia at birth. It is not possible to have no gender unless you have no genitals. My personal opinion is that non binary is bullshit.

  • There is a man and a woman. The man puts his penis in the womans vagina and the process repeats.

    This is how nature works. What place do Androgine Female-Attracted Hermaphrofemales hold? You can act however the hell you want but don't encourage people to waste all of their money on surgery to change their appearance. I don't know what the hell society wants of us other than to make money. We get told that it doesn't matter what you look like but who you are inside, But then we have these SJW teenage girls that look like guys come into our schools that expect us to stand up and applaud every time they remark about how gay they are. That could be anyone's personality these days and thats not a good thing. I keep seeing the same person copied and pasted everywhere I go to the point where I don't give a damn if you're an Apache attack helicopter with a machine gun as your reproductive organ. I just want everyone to respect the number 2. We don't want to confuse and deceive the next generation if they don't all instantly die of stupidity.

  • Has anyone picked up a Biology book lately?

    Even though i was born in the generation that came up with these extra genders, I don't know why the genders "exist" There are only two genders and will only be two genders, Male and Female.
    If someone finds proof of a 3rd or 4th gender, I'd love to see that.

  • Non binary doesn't exist due to science, Logic and nature itself.

    The so called non binary gender does not exist. People aren't born without a gender/biological sex. People who claim to be non binary are rejecting the gender/biological sex they were born as and that is why the term "non binary" as a gender DOES NOT exist. The people who claim to be non binary are real but they are not naturally accepting what they were born as and that is a threat to the status quo. Only males and females exist. You people who are non binary are just denying whether you are male or female, And proceeding to not be yourselves. You expect yourselves to be accepted, Yet you cannot accept yourselves for what you were born as and when reasonable people like myself tries to tell you the truth, You attack us and claim it is an attack on you. You leftists will do anything to make us submit and it will never work. There are only two genders, Male & female which are related to the two biological sexes, Boy/man or girl/woman. Non binary doesn't exist. SJWs and their arguments are invalid and their hypocrisy hits as high as themselves on their high horses. It ain't about what you feel. A man cannot be a woman, A woman cannot be a man, Because it is unnatural. Science goes against it, Logic goes against it, Nature goes against it. You don't see animals having more than two genders.

  • What happened to Biology?

    Gender doesn't mean anything. It is a word made up in the 1950's. They try and say that there is differences between gender and sex, But there really isn't. There IS no point, You are either a man or a women. That's it, So please stop it with these lies, It's hurting society

  • Lets not forget science

    There are only 2 genders male and female. People do not chose these genders it is something your stuck with at birth. I think people have forgotten that gender is what you have between your legs at birth. It seems humanity is going backwards when it comes to logical thinking. People think that it is up to a child to chose what gender they are or if they play with something generally the other gender would do they would be that gender. Normally kids will play with the other genders toys or such this does not mean they are that gender. So lets stick to the facts when it comes to gender.

  • Basic human biology cannot be ignored.

    Ever since this "fairies & butterflies" generation known as "Millennials" came along with this made up crap, Gender has suddenly become malleable? There is an ACTUAL condition called 'Gender Dysphoria' which the CDC listed as a mental disorder. When you claim to be "nonbinary" you essentially spit in the faces of those who actually suffer the condition. All to satisfy your fantasies and objective, Ill-informed sense of personal identity. Come back to the real world.

  • There are men and there are girls

    There are two genders anyone who tells you different with the exception of those born hermaphradite are purely delusional, They are crazy they want attention they are freaks of nature defying god laws and need mental health help if they won't accpet it they should be jailed or isolated from decent folks

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