Non-interventionism: Are environmental law enforcements unjust?

  • Environmentalism and Communism go hand in hand

    Is it a coincidence that leftists who support all policies that make government money also support environmentalist legislation that will make government money as well and the state more power over the economy? No. So when a state-paid scientist tells you that "The governments gonna have to take your money to combat the weather's small fluctuations that have never happened on this planet ever until big corporation destroyed the environment with tall chimneys and icebergs with polar bears on them so pay up because I'm on commission" don't give in.

  • Yes, they are often political.

    Yes, environmental law enforcements are often unjust because they are often politically motivated. Because environmental laws are enforced based on political patronage rather than enforced uniformly, it is unjust to enforce environmental laws in this way. Producers and other actors have to guess as to what to do to keep enforcement agents happy, rather than spending their time being productive.

  • Environmental Law Enforcement Needed

    Although we are the primary species which flourishes on this planet with the exception of insects, we must also answer to the power and necessity of nature. Environmental law enforcement acts as a way to be conscious of our impact on the environment and the living inhabitants that our biosphere entails.

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