Non-interventionism: Is non-interventionism a good policy?

  • Non-interventionism would keep us way from conflict

    Not to say that we create conflicts, but Non-interventionism would be a good policy because it would keep us out of the wars but can still maintain free trade. It would be good dimplomatic relatioship with like country in middle east, because they have lots of internal problem that US seems to have to help. And middle east seems to complete our needs for oil.

  • Non-interventionism helps the World

    If we remember our history lessons, when powerful European nations form alliances a lot of people end up dying. It is a psychological policy designed to prevent further war for Europe, and offer more trade to the World. When people form sides, then other people form sides; then once you have two different sides, you have a difference of opinion. Once you have a difference of opinion then the people have a reason not to like one another. Tensions rise over time and eventually boil into resentment and envy for each other’s resources. Then it is simply one step from a modern, all out World destroying war.

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