• Agreed he should

    I thought the spam wars was bad (even though it was hillarious) now here we are arguing with stupid people (pedophiles) that literally cannot be reasoned with and just make stuff up and then make us prove a negative that pedophilia is not a disease. Looks like all the homophobic people back then were right. One day people will start arguing for pedophilia and normalize pedophilia.

  • Stupid troll needs to leave

    Nonamenoname is nothing but a stupid troll that wants us to discuss pediphilia rights and I misspell things on purpose because I was one of the spammers. I would rather play donnbiego or watch bully maguire headbutt the other spammers. Stupid nonamenoname is worse than the spammers. At least the spammers gave me a good laugh

  • No sonicbro2000 pedophilia should not be accepted

    Sonicbro2000 the pedophile. All of your claims are based on logical fallacies. Children are not ready for sex nor are they ready to experience sex especially with older men. Maybe at age 15 but again if they don’t do it safely they could end up with diseases or god forbid aids. Sex should honestly be kept between man and woman through marriage. Not this new norm of just f**k all humans like no tomorrow

    “It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argumen”-William G. McAdoo

    “Never argue with stupid people, They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. ” - Mark Twain

    “Arguing with a fool proves there are two. ” — Doris M. Smith

  • No. Just because you disagree with someone doesn't make them "worse than" someone.

    Dehumanizing pedosexuals does not "help" nor "protect" anyone. It's just sexual repression and it's "proven" to lead to more crimes. It all pretty much stems from ageism and the stereotyping of children. Children deserve equal rights just like everyone else. The dehumanization of maps is just a result of stereotyping children. Pedosexuality is sexuality just like homophilia and should be treated as such. Just because you disagree with us doesn't make us neither sick nor "in need of help". Children's rights only acknowledge that they should have the right to nutriment, Having someone to have custody over them and take care of them, Et cetera, Et cetera, But children's rights does not acknowledge that children should have the right to be free from custody, Free from being tossed around like property in the foster care system, Free to have authority over themselves, Free to have personal autonomy, Free to be in control of their own lives, Through a fair, Practical process that does not require anyone's consent but their own. Children are essentially owned, And they are regularly trapped in abusive, Or otherwise morally repugnant or wrong situations, With the only alternative being tossed around in the sick foster care system, Or to have yet another owner. Many times, These aren't even options, And the abuse must continue as the child remains trapped, Not allowed to become their own person until 18, Or 16 years old in some countries. There is the possibility of emancipation, But once emancipated, The child would be discriminated against in housing, Employment, Renting, Et cetera, Et cetera, On the basis of being a minor. Children have no voice, No autonomy, And are promised nothing more than an owner that doesn't beat you to death. These are not rights.

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