• I'm Jamal's sister

    Pretty soon, You'll have to start listening to Joe Biden plus why are you saying I listen to Trump now when last month, You were cursing a Trump supporter when everybody wanted you deported back to Mexico. You are such a hypocrite which is why I love my brother so much.

  • Go get yourself a job

    All of you spammers need to get outta here because none of you are funny and all your doing is chasing off people who have nothing to do with your garbage. Stop spamming and fighting each other and make meaning in your life for crying out loud. We all know this is the work of one person so why don't you all shut up and swallow some Vinegar so you can taste the bitterness you are leaving here.

  • No mr Obama

    You sir are not in charge and you aren’t fat like moi. Donald trump is in charge and he hasn’t said anything about it and I jamal will keep spamming and keep doing the jokers girlfriend Harley Quinn and there’s nothing you or anyone else can do about it haha!

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