Norman Doors: Will push/pull doors become obsolete in our increasingly automated society?

  • Push/pull doors will become obsolute with ever growing technology.

    Our increasingly automated society is making way for things such as push/pull doors to become obsolete in the near future. It is my belief that with the increasing amount of robotics in our world, there will be no need to manually open or close doors. Remotes may turn into society's new way of doing almost anything requiring effort from the human body.

  • We are so lazy.

    I do think that eventually, push and pull doors will become obsolete. As a whole, our society is getting lazier and lazier. We don't want to open doors ourselves. We search for the automatic button to open the door even if we are not handicapped. Things are going to become more and more automated.

  • Yes, they will become obsolete.

    In a few years, push/pull doors are sure to be completely replaced with automated doors. However, this may not be a good thing, as it will cause too many problems during power outages and fires. It could lead to some very serious disasters if emergency exits are replaced with automated doors.

  • No, push/pull doors will not become obsolete.

    While it is natural to expect newer technology in newly built structures, I do not believe that push/pull doors will become obsolete. We have a long way to go before all of the millions of instances that employ them now would need rebuilding or replacing. Also consider the many buildings with historical value that would not ever be considered for modification.

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