North and South Korea exchange fire: Will there be another Korean War?

  • Yes there will be.

    It may not happen any time soon, but eventually their will be another Korean war. It is bound for history to repeat itself and as they have shown they have not grown with the times and settled their differences the only way they see a way to resolve them is to go to war with each other.

  • Tension in Korea is High

    Tension has been high between North and South Korea for a long time. Now that there has been an exchange of fire, I believe that a Korean War is all but inevitable. Hopefully this will be a short war with few casualties, though I fear it could potentially turn into World War III.

  • No, I don't think there will be another Korean War

    While tensions have remained high between North and South Korea I believe that neither side is serious about going to war with one another, I think that eventually in the upcoming decade the North and South Korean's will be able to sign a full measure of peace and end the hostility.

  • I do not believe that there will be another Korean War.

    I do not believe there will be another Korean War. North Korea is run by a very egotistical dictator, but he is not stupid by any means. The repercussions of starting a war with South Korea would be immense from several leading nations throughout the world. I feel as though this and several other incidents from North Korea are just simple show-offs to prove to themselves that they think they can still compete.

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