North Carolina Purges Voter Rolls: Are North Carolina officials trying to sway the election?

  • Yes the officials of North Carolina are attempting to sway the election outcome.

    The fact that Republican officials in North Carolina have purged thousands of voters from the rolls, the majority of whom are black, less than 95 days before an election, which is a violation of federal election law. Is prima facie proof that election officials are trying attack the voter least likely to vote for trump.

  • Everyone has an agenda

    With social media being what it is, the veil in front of the cable news outlets has been lifted. Now the bias of any and every media outlet is scrutinized to the Nth degree. We can now infer the system that is in place everywhere, especially a state well known for their racist and sexist history, North Carolina. Duke rape to confederate flag.

  • No, North Carolina officials are not trying to sway the election.

    Though I'm certain it will be a topic of contention, I do not feel that the purge to clean up voters who had either passed away or relocated was meant to sway the election at all. I believe that the state officials of North Carolina were doing exactly what they reported.

  • Purging voter rolls doesn't necessarily sway elections.

    No, North Carolina officials are not necessarily trying to sway the election because they are purging voter rolls. Purging is a necessary task that should be done more often. Often individuals who have moved or died do not get removed from the voter rolls, causing excessively long lists and leaving polls open to fraud such as double voting. Purging is a responsible move.

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