North Carolina's 'Bathroom' bill is costing the state economy $400 million - Should lawmakers cave to political pressure?

  • Yes, lawmakers should cave to political pressure.

    Even though most Americans grew up in a society where men and women used different bathrooms, public perception of this issue is changing. This change has resulted in economic costs for places that do not comply with the new views by society. Barring transgendered people from using the bathroom of their choice is now considered discrimination. Many companies are uncomfortable doing business in places that are seen as discriminatory to groups like the LGBTQ community. In short, North Carolina should cave to political pressure, because this law is costing the state's economy too much money.

  • Yes, North Carolina lawmakers should do the right thing and get rid of HB2.

    Yes, North Carolina lawmakers should do the right thing and get rid of HB2. Pat McCrory and NC Republicans and religious zealots have a made a problem where none exists. This unfounded fear of pedophiles dressing in wigs to prey on children in bathrooms is stranger than fiction. There is absolutely no reason that there should be a law dicatinh where one can use the restroom based on the gender in which they were born. This stupid mess has cost North Carolina hundreds of millions of dollars, and for what?

  • The Bathroom Bill has Got to Go.

    This 'Bathroom' bill is not only unethical and unpractical, but it is also costing the state economy over $400 million. Lawmakers should be caving to the political pressures that existed before this bill even hit the floor and recall it. It is absurd to be using taxpayers money to stop people from peeing.

  • No no no

    I honestly don't care if people get offended. I'm a strong believer in god and it says in the bible that being transgender is a major sin. You are who you are for a reason and you shouldn't be able to to change it plus i don't want some guy who says he is a girl going in the restroom with my daughter siter wife ir anyone like that

  • Everybody caves over everything

    They should not "cave" to political pressure. If they need to add another bathroom, make it a family bathroom which many places already have so that mothers or fathers can take their kids into the bathroom. This simply makes more since. Everyone is so politically correct these days you can't breathe without offending somebody with the way you drew that breathe. People need to just get over themselves and figure out their own lives without bringing the government into everything.

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