North Charleston Police Shooting: Is it okay for police to shoot a fleeing suspect?

  • Yes they should, but not kill them

    A fleeing suspect is already enough evidence that he is doing something wrong, and that the cops should capture him as fast as they can, and since they should do this, they need to stop the suspect immediately by shooting them, maybe at the limbs to stop them from running but not the head or body area that they might die from a gunshot. If the fleeing suspect dies, he wouldnt be able to explain his crime(s) and be rightfully sentenced and instead, being immediately sentenced to death without being able to say anything isnt being fair to him or his family.

  • If the crime committed is serious

    If someone commits a serious crime, and they try to evade the police by running, then by all means, it's o.K. Otherwise, they could be free to commit more crimes. If it is a minor crime, then it is not o.K. As for "racism," there are plenty of cases of black police shooting blacks, white police shooting whites, and black police shooting whites. The color of their skin shouldn't matter.

  • The question may be too general... It depends

    In this instance of a shooting, where the one being chased is unarmed and posed no threat, it is entirely unjust. For the sake of answering the question as written, under certain circumstances, an officer may need to shoot the person if their life, or others, are threatened. Imagine if it was a serial killer with a gun instead of a traffic violation... Wouldn't shooting be justified then?

  • I would say absolutely "no."

    My major is criminal justice and have learned that police cannot shoot fleeing suspects unless they are likely to threaten the officers or citizens. This case obviously shows that the victim had never threatened that office but merely ran away. This cannot be justified, and the officer must be charged with murder. If necessary, a judge and jury can seek death penalty because there is no justifiable action or evidence.

  • No, police shouldn't shoot fleeing suspects.

    On and on about police shooting innocent people. Some cases have just been pure racism. A white cop shooting a black man. Really? Is that what society has turned into? Anyway, there have been several incidents where police and rookie police have all "ACCIDENTALLY" shot a random person. That is not justified. ONLY IF the suspect is armed and poses some kind of threat to civilians in public, may nearby police shoot. But not 5+ times. Like for real.

  • No, police should not shoot fleeing suspects.

    Police should not shoot suspects who are fleeing. If a suspect is running away from an officer, the officer is not in any danger of being harmed by the suspect. Deadly force should only be used when an officer believes his life is in danger, and a fleeing suspect poses no threat to him.

  • No, not if the intention of the suspect is non-damaging.

    The police force is not meant to kill people, it is meant to protect the citizens. The police should act as a deterrent not an attack dog. If someone shoots and kills a fleeing suspect they are trying to kill that suspect not prevent him from doing something in that moment.

  • If a person is fleeing

    They pose no threat to an officer, if they are running towards a crowd or something and the officer thinks that the person poses a threat to the poeple, then they should shoot them in the leg or arm. For a person to be shot in the back multple times and thenhandcuffed as they lay dying is messed up. Police should be held accountable for situations such as this.

  • Police Should Not Shoot Fleeing Suspects

    A fleeing suspect does not legitimize the use of lethal force. If the suspect is not a threat to others safety, and is fleeing the officers, only non lethal force should be used. If police use lethal force against fleeing suspects they risk killing innocent people, and also may kill someone with useful information for aprehending other criminals.

  • No normaly police should not shoot a fleeing suspect.

    Police should not shoot a fleeing suspect unless they know they are armed and are a danger to themselves and others. Even if that was the case the police should of onl shot once no 5+ times. The police officer in the south carolina case was clearly in the wrong attempin to cover up his crime by planti a taser on the suspect.

  • Police Shooting Was Murder

    The man shot in the North Charleston police shooting incident was not fleeing the scene of a murder or other violent crime. It was a traffic stop, and the officer who shot the man should be tried for first degree murder. Police officers have been entirely too aggressive lately, and it needs to stop.

  • Guilty until proven innocent?

    If a suspect is not posing a threat to an officer or another, than the officer should not have the right to shoot the suspect. Considering recent events, some people are scared of the police and may flee out of fear, not guilt. We have a court system for a reason. Execution on site should not be allowed.

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