• The police are professionals and should know better

    Firing water cannons into crowds of unarmed protesters when the weather is approaching freezing? Medics begging the police to stop shooting protesters with water so their bodies don't shut down? Look, protests involving huge crowds and heated emotions are never optimum situations for the police to handle. Also, yes, the police weren't using lethal methods to keep the peace. However, I think the police should have known water was not the solution to crowd control in this case. It's their job to know how to handle crowds under different environmental circumstances.

  • Intimidation, plain and simple

    It's mind-boggling that the state feels so strongly about its position that it can fire water cannons in sub-freezing temperatures at protesters in North Dakota. Even with everybody watching, they have no qualms about brutalizing people trying to preserve their water table. This is OBVIOUSLY police brutality, everybody can see that, but at what point do we actually stand up and stop it?

  • I'm against the police

    The actions of police against the land and water protectors at Standing Rock are depraved, abusive, and disgraceful. They are exceedingly disrespectful and radically humiliating to the people who have occupied this land since time immemorial.

    Can you imagine how upset these people were to see bulldozers plowing through sacred evidence that could halt this construction? DAPL was prepared for the outrage. DAPL pepper-sprayed some of the Water Protectors and some were bitten by attack dogs.

  • Yes, it is!

    An incident on October 17 involved five Native American anti-pipeline activists being swarmed by extremely armed police and being threatened with arrest simply for praying by the side of the road. The more than 80 protestors arrested on Oct. 22 are being held at the Morton County Law Enforcement Center. The sheriff’s office is reported to be making arrangements to transport some of the arrestees to other detention centers.

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