North Korea arrests U.S. student: Should students be allowed to travel to North Korea?

  • Students should be allowed to visit "at thair own risk".

    The government should not restrict the freedom of their citizens to travel to another country for safety reasons. Prohibiting them would be a violation of human rights. According to "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights" article 13,
    Article 13.

    (1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.
    (2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

    Restricting students from visiting North Korea may violate (2) of this article. Anyway, students should not be punished entering the border of another country.
    However, the government should not be required to take any responsibility for the consequence of the student's decision of visiting the country.

  • Students should be allowed to travel to North Korea

    Although it may be dangerous to travel to North Korea, students should be able to go wherever they want. They need to see how different people think and behave. Such travel would probably give them an appreciation of the United States, seeing how much behavior and speech is monitored there.

  • Students should be allowed to travel to North Korea

    Students should be allowed to travel to North Korea if that is what they choose to do. However, if they get in trouble the last thing that they should expect is for the United States to come to their rescue. There is no sensible reason to put any other U.S. life in danger because a student decides they want to travel abroad. The student must assume the known risk.

  • Keep students safe and out of North Korea

    This incident where the North Koreans arrested a U.S. student recently simply once again highlights the fact that we should keep students out of North Korea. North Korea is not a safe environment in general and our priority should be to keep these influential and developing minds safe from this type of environment.

  • Absolutely not that place is a Death trap.

    North Korea is the pinnacle of Death and hatred ever since the dang communists made it their country from the DMZ and now it's littered with fascist,communist,and nihilist people from Kim-Jong Um to Kim-Jong Ill.I would not want to visit such a country until it clears up and is lore-friendly but I'll doubt that will happen.

  • Students should not be allowed to travel to North Korea until the political climate improves

    Students from other countries face great danger of imprisonment or other negative effects when travelling to North Korea, due to North Korea's political structure and climate. Until the North Korean government becomes more accepting of the outside world, schools should not send students to this nation due to the danger.

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