North Korea donated to Japan after devastating earthquake: Should they have given more?

  • Yes, North Korea should have donated more to Japan after earthquake

    North Korea seems to have vast resources when it comes to funding nuclear weapon testing and development. What happened in Japan could happen anywhere in the region and North Korea would do well to remember that. If natural disaster strikes there, how many friends will North Korea find who are willing to donate any money for relief?

  • No I don't think they were obligated to give more.

    It is pretty amazing that North Korea reached out to Japan, an historical enemy, to help at all. It just goes to show what good people can do when working toward a common good. This is a heartwarming story and we could all learn a few things from North Korea, in this case anyway.

  • No, North Korean should not have given more to Japan after the earthquake.

    No, North Korean should not have given more to Japan after the earthquake. North Korea gave enough by providing Japan with $500,000. This is a lot for North Korea, since very few citizens in that country make this amount of money each year, and because a great deal of their people are starving.

  • They weren't obligated

    There was no obligation for North Korea to give to Japan at all. It was a kind gesture that was done voluntarily. When faced with disaster, any amount of help is better than none at all. It does seem that the amount was a bit low, but it could have been zero.

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