North Korea fails at missile launch attempt: Are they a legitimate threat?

  • It's not the nukes we have to worry about

    At the end of the day no matter how small, a nation as militaristic as north korea is very dangerous. Especially when considered they are extremely unpredictable. Now their navy, airforce, and army is outdated and would be easily defeated the estimated 10 million troops in the country would be a difficult enemy to defeat. And of course while unlikely it is possible that China would back north korea. Now they may do so purely to prevent an American border so close to them and to prevent an influx of unskilled labor into their already overpopulated nation. And ofcourse their nuclear program while weak is still incredibly dangerous. In fact we should have invaded once they tried to produce one because their unpredictability makes that threat huge. Nukes are too dangerous for volatile nation like north korea to have because laughing one could cause other nations who already point nukes at each other to launch theirs. Keep in mind they estimate that north korea has only ten nukes while the united states has nearly 7,000. However it is unlikely they would launch one being that this would end in North Korea destruction aND the foal of the regime isn't all out war and destruction. Their goal is control of South Korea at all cost. Their nuclear program exist as a result of the Iraq war. Once we invaded Iraq North korea no longer felt safe and saw building nukes as their top priority to prevent an invasion.

  • Of course duh

    North Korea is a little child playing in the sand box with a shot gun. They either going to get themselves killed or get someone else killed mistakenly. All there missiles (AKA: toys) need to be confiscated for being irresponsible children trying to look tough. I mean c'mon, the 1st time they tested a missile it was an epic fail the entire world witnessed. If it wasnt such a a dangerous thing to fail at it wouldn't be to hard to laugh. And now they at it again only this time they want to do atomic bombs..Im like dang you lil idiot can we walk be for you try to swim

  • Yes, North Korea is a legitimate threat.

    Yes, North Korea should be taken seriously as a threat in the world today. Failed missile launches do not mean that they are not able to harm in other ways, especially in their own country. Dictatorial regimes are always a threat no matter how benign or comical they may seem, as they are inherently tromping on the rights of their people and spreading harmful ideologies.

  • Yes, I believe North Korea is a legitimate threat.

    I believe that North Korea is a legitimate threat because any and every country is a legitimate threat. We as United States citizens would be naive to think that we are the most powerful country in the world. We would be even more naive to think that no other country is a threat to our safety.

  • Yes, North Korea is a potentially hostile country.

    Yes, attempts to launch nuclear bombs constitutes a potential threat ot other nations. However, all countries in possession of nuclear arms are threats to global peach. North Korea's nuclear experiments should not receive any exceptional attention. All national governments, including those of North Korea or the United States, should concede to a nuclear disarmament agreement. In short, North Korea is necessarily a threat because it is a country that possesses, or attempts to possess, nuclear arms.

  • They're crazy enough

    North Korea could never possibly win in a large-scale confrontation, but any country with a nuclear weapon can do serious damage if they get even one off the ground. If that constitutes a legitimate threat, they surely qualify, as a single nuke is more than enough to cost millions of lives.

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