• Yes, North Korea is a serious threat

    North Korea is a country take is run by an unstable dictator and has an army with nuclear powers. It is best to take any threat from this country seriously due to the repeated demonstrations of power. The frequent missile launches may be an attempt for attention for the Korean leader but there is danger behind each threat.

  • Yes, history tells us that seemingly harmless "crazy" leaders have a record of doing the crazy things they promise to do.

    North Korea has over a million serving soldiers, including one hundred thousand special forces. They have around ten thousand artillery pieces capable of firing chemical or biological shells aimed at Seoul. It is estimated North Korean artillery could kill around thirty thousand people in Seoul with an hour. Much of this is dug deep into the mountain would take quite some time to take out. Furthermore, they may have between five or six nuclear bombs.

  • North Korea missiles threaten world peace.

    North Korea's exploding missiles are a huge threat to peace not only in Korea but in the entire world. North Korea's leaders have proven over and over again to be extremely violent towards their own people, and I believe that they are preparing to take that violence outside of their borders.

  • North Korea is a threat to nations in all parts of the world.

    North Korea continues to test its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile technology. This aggressive military posture is problematic to not just its neighbors but also to Western nations.
    North Korea is one of the poorest countries in the world, and it is not hard to imagine their government selling nuclear technology or material to a richer nation that seeks it. Nations such as Iran or even non-state terrorist organisations would be more than willing to pay such a poor country for this technology.

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