Norway has compulsory military service for women: should the U.S. require females to register for the selective service at 18?

  • Its sad N. American women do not support equality.

    Millions of women every day ignore the discrimination that young men have to by law. Its a blatant hypocrisy. Mothers willing divide their daughters from theirs sons with a possible life sacrifice. Women in power do nothing to ensure equality. Its maybe the biggest form of hypocrisy ever seen. Women should be ashamed.

    Posted by: zoo
  • Equality is Equality

    If women are to be in combat arms, then they should have to register for selective service. The only basis for keeping women from selective service was the combat potential of some positions that would be drafted for. Now that that restriction has been lifted, women should be required to register just like every other male citizen of this country.

  • Yes, if true equality is to exist between the sexes, this is necessary.

    Yes, the U.S. should require females to register for the selective service at age 18. There is an on-going debate in the U.S. right now about women's equality, specifically in the workforce. Men are required to register for selective service, but women, as of now, are not. To be truly equal, women should be registered just like men are, that in the event of a draft, women are included.

  • American women should be required to register for the selective service at 18 in the U.S.

    If we as a nation are moving toward equality of men and women in all other areas of life, the military should not be an exception. Young women should register at 18 for the selective service, just as young men do. Young women in Norway and Israel service in the military, so American women can, too.

  • Women should not have to register

    We have enough able bodied men who can register for selective services so it unnecessary to have our daughters do so unless they choose that . Women are the carriers of our children and they should not be forced into service if and when they have dependents to care for. Maybe it is a double standard but it is logical and I am a woman.

  • Neither sex should have to

    Neither men nor women should be forced to register for the Selective Service in the United States. The military should be volunteer based only, unless a war is serious enough that we have to draw on other people. We have enough databases to do that without wasting extra money on either men or women registering.

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