Norway shooter may face only 21 years in prison: Is this Justice?

  • Maximum Penalty for the Crime is Justice.

    This is the maximum allowed under the Norwegian justice system. It's irrelevant whether it meets any public thirst for revenge - the courts can only operate within the laws of the land.
    Philosophically, how long is enough time? Norway has the lowest rate of recidivism in Europe. Britain has the highest.
    A more humane system works.

  • It's Enough Justice.

    Does anyone truly believe that handing down draconic sentences are going to help and reform? By giving them the max penalty of 21 years, it doesn't automatically mean that when those years are up they'll be released. The death penalty is pointless if your justice system and prison system is set up to rehabilitate and reform rather than punish.

  • Yes.

    Vengeance is pointless.

  • I agree that facing 21 years in prison for any kind of murder is justice.

    If someone commits murder, then they should be punished. The Norway shooter went on a shooting spree, taking lives and injuring many. 21 years in prison means that he would be locked away in confinement for a huge portion of his life. Prison is torturous, and the idea behind proposing that kind of sentence may be to slowly punish him over 21 years of unbearable conditions. Frankly speaking, it is better than sentencing him to 10 months, plus 10 years of probation. The shooter would be a strong candidate for the death penalty, if it was an option. Due to nature of the law, that may be the maximum sentence he qualifies for, if there are other factors surrounding this case that are unforeseen by the public.

    Posted by: SteepSanto68
  • This is justice, due to the harm caused, but only if the shooter actually did it.

    I can guarantee that the shooter will never have a normal life after this. He is either going to end up in jail, end up dead, or end up dead to the rest of the world. 21 years in prison is a rather long time. But, for someone that shot at people, this would be easily the minimum of what he may end up needing to serve.

    Posted by: KindErik
  • This is NOT justice

    No way! He has KILLED people. He has taken lives. He must pay for it by his own life, period. How are the families of those killed will feel, knowing that this bastard is not only still living (while their loved ones are dead) but he will eventually get out of jail and walk free??

  • White Collar criminals do more time!!!!

    People go to prison longer for cheating on their taxes or for bank fraud. Are the lives of those murdered children worth less than a tax scam???? Sitting in a nice prison for 2 decades is not punishment -- it is a travesty - a perversion of justice Death by firing squad!

  • People like that should be either killed or forced to do hard labour in a labour camp for the rest of his life.

    The government in Soviet Russia had it a little too strict. But when it came to murderers in the public, they didn't joke around. They either put them in front of a firing squad or they were put in a labour camp. Life in the labour camp is absolutely trash. Citizens in the Soviet Union were scared to murder another person, and they should be. Anders Brevik didn't kill 1 person. He didn't kill 2 people. He killed 77 people and injured over 200 and he gets to live the rest of his life in a prison getting 3 squares, cable and a bed? This is insanity!

  • Death penalty

    Deserves DP for his crime, I have no reason for vengeance for those who deserve the DP... Unless they are child rapists... Then I have vengeance.

  • No, he should be given more, or even death.

    Norway should have given him life, or death. He deprived several humans of their lives, not to mention injured many more mentally and physically.

  • I do not think 21 years in a Norwegian prison is justice for the shooter.

    Norway is famous for its luxurious prisons, and killing so many people - as the infamous Norway shooter has done - is not something for which you can bring about justice by sending him there for 21 years. He will have television, restricted internet, a window, a comfortable bed, a comfortable shower and bathroom. He will receive good food on top of it all.

    Posted by: RavidbardeI

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