not an abortion can be performed on their child?"

  • Would you kill someone

    Even if the baby is unborn there is no reasons to kill it. Which is what child abortion is. Murdering is a crime, no one wants to be murdered so imagine if you were the baby, in the womb and then a doctors knife comes and stabs you and you never see the light of the day. It is extremely horrible.

  • I believe that a woman has the choice to make as to whether she will go through with a pregnancy or not, because it is her body.

    I believe that a woman has the choice to make as to whether she will go through with a pregnancy or not. Each situation is different and, as such, it is up for the woman to decide if she can handle a child or not.

    Posted by: PaltryLyndon99
  • I am against abortion; taking a life away from a human is wrong and should be illegal no matter if they are technically unborn

    Abortion is a form of killing a living being. Any time you take a life away it is wrong so I believe abortion is not different. Abortion should not be performed on a child. Killing an adult and killing a child are both crimes, just because the child has not left the mother shouldn't be a reason to let murder be legal.

    Posted by: PriceyBlake
  • I agree that abortion should not be performed on children, because the negative psychological effect abortion has on a person's psyche is an unfair burden for a child.

    Adoption helps to teach our children all life is valid. I believe the positive knowledge that "I brought life into this world, rather than killing it" will help a child in their personal growth and future moral decision-making choices. We should educate our children and teach them that all life is valid, and that taking responsibility for our actions can have a positive outcome.

    Posted by: AutomaticIrvin56
  • No, abortion should not be performed on a child, because a child cannot make decisions like that for themselves.

    The question is not that clear but, if it is writing the way I understand it, children should not be allowed to have an abortion. There are circumstances by which it should be done, for the sake of preventing another life from taking another. But a child cannot decide what is good for her, so it is up to the parents to decide the right choice for her. So long as the parents are ok with it, then they can decide for her in good faith.

    Posted by: JaggedGiuseppe
  • I do not believe in abortion, because I think babies are a gift from God and if someone has an abortion, it's murder.

    As previously stated, I do not believe in abortion. Babies are a gift from God. If he sees fit to honor someone with a baby, then it's his will, and they should, at the very least, have the baby. If they do not want to raise it, then they should give it up for adoption. But they should never kill it. There's a reason why God put the baby here on earth.

    Posted by: InvincibleArden75
  • Abortions should not be performed, because babies are babies, whether they are born yet or not.

    It has been proven that the fetus can feel pain, so I do feel that it is enough of a person to deserve rights. You shouldn't be allowed to inflict pain on any baby, since you can't on a human outside the womb.

    Posted by: darcyska
  • Mind Your Own Business...

    Why does what I do with MY body bother you. As Roe V. Wade ruled, I have the right to privacy. Why do any of you care? Because of your religious values. Well exercise your right to privacy and freedom of religion by keeping your religion to yourself. Isn't there supposed to be separation of state and religion? (Law and religion) Are you family? Are you my husband? Are you me? Worry about yourself.

  • I am pro-choice and, therefore, believe that every individual has the right to choose for themselves.

    Abortion is a slippery-slope, in terms of what is right and what is wrong. I am pro-choice, and believe that every individual has the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion. Pertaining to my child, or their child, I believe that a parent should be able to discuss and have a strong opinion on a teenager having an abortion. But, ultimately, it is the pregnant individuals final choice that matters.

    Posted by: ProbableAndrew58
  • If the mother wishes to have an abortion, or needs one for medical or legal reasons, then she should be allowed to have that option.

    First off, if it turned out to be a child out of wedlock, this child could cost hundreds of dollars in legal fees, not to mention divorce lawyer costs. Secondly, if the parents weren't able to support the child, it wouldn't make sense to make it live a life of suffering. Finally, if she would find herself in a medical situation where the child put her life at risk, she would want the option of living.

    Posted by: PuzzledCharles70
  • No, because reproductive freedom is the sole right of the woman in question.

    Abortion is the legal law of the land, since Roe V. Wade was decided by the Supreme Court. And, no legislator, church pastor, politician, or family member has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body. The only person, really, who has a say in a woman's decision is her chosen doctor.

    Posted by: MarriedRudy
  • I oppose abortion because it results in the killing of a living human being.

    Abortion should not be allowed, because it has been proven to harm the woman. Also, it results in the immoral murdering of an indefensible baby. Since murdering is illegal, abortion should be made illegal as well. Women who undergo abortion often suffer mentally and physically, as well. They also regret their decision in certain cases.

    Posted by: PrettyVince50
  • No, because I believe in the woman's right to choose.

    I do not subscribe to the belief that life begins at conception. Until an organism is capable of sustaining life on its own, as ugly as it sounds, its a parasite by definition. This is why even doctors have a special name for this organism: a fetus. Once a fetus can be taken from the mother, and survive on it's own, or with assistance from medical professionals as it strengthens, then it is a human being.

    Posted by: LamentableKennith75

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