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Yes it is still wrong.

  Spiders eat their own babies Chimpanzees brutally murder and eat other monkeys. Dogs have no problem with incest. We are not simple animals and we should not use animal behavior. We wear clothes we change the environment we use language and we have writing. We are not beasts. Then you say but the Romans and the Greeks were homo. Yes they were, And they did pedophilia and slavery and they castrated males against their will. They were very perverted and if you read history you can see that they were very mentally unhealthy, And their mighty empire self destructed. Christianity has helped people. (not Catholicism) A lot of scientists from the past believed in God and from Them vaccines came and medicine and sanitation and calculus. Homosexual was opposed and people prospered. But then the decay of Christianity started Around the time evolution and racism. Christianity became infected by evolution and racism. And when the Bible was removed from schools that's when you see the graphs and change in society. In this age there are still Christians but they are a shadow of their former selves. Homosexuality is rampant and people are becoming sexually deviant. In the 90s people were not as they are today. Little kids need to be safe online. And there are way too many pedophiles now. And homosexuals want to distance themselves from pedophiles but they are family will all the deviant behavior. And that is what is going on today. People only want to satisfy their perverse desires and the nations are falling. Sex sex sex sex sex. That is all they care about.
Mikaxo says2020-03-11T21:11:57.267
We are animals. If a few animals behave strangely or violently, It's generally for good reasons. Parents who eat their children do so because otherwise they might starve; incest occurs if there is no other partners.

Homosexualty is harmless and between consenting adults. Do not compare it with paedophilia.
lilylily says2020-03-12T01:05:24.747
Consent is the key here people. Adults can, Children cannot (at least as we now deem at a certain age).

Please try to remove the religious zealotism that is clearly the bases for your judgement. This is explicitly said not to be a religious oriented debate. Your only point made is that homosexuality is preverse/deviant and thus bad/morally corrupt. For this stance to be made you would need to explain why it is so, Not say it is and march on with your life hating gays. If the only reason is that the bible said so this is not a valid debate here or in anywhere in my opinion.

You can make the debate the pedophilia is wrong/deviant/perverse because it directly takes advantaged of a group of people who do not have autonomy of their own body or the mind to agree to such an act. It is against another will. You cannot make this argument for being gay.

Bring something else to the table please.
vader2020 says2020-03-15T02:58:32.833
Why do you hate Catholics! ? ! ? Catholicism has 100% helped people!
Catholics invented/are responsible for:
Modern science
PROTESTANTISM (My guess as to your religion)
A little respect please!
TopNotch101 says2020-03-19T17:07:17.467
Well, To be fair, It was the Catholic Church's wrongdoings that created Protestantism (I'm Catholic btw so yeah lol)
TartanScout says2021-02-08T11:45:13.823
"People only want to satisfy their perverse desires and the nations are falling. Sex sex sex sex sex. That is all they care about. "
says the "Free love" generation.
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