Not including religion (God, Bible, Etc. ) is homosexuality wrong?

  • Wrong by Nature

    Much of the American population has been propagandized into accepting this falsehood. Homosexuality is a psychological disease like autism, And down syndrome; it is an evolutionary dead end. Do you really believe that TEN PERCENT of the U. S. Identifies within LGBTQ? Well, In my opinion as much as I loathe these putrid individuals, They are authorized to roam the Earth and have the right to life. I pity these degenerates.

  • It goes against the human race.

    There is only one purpose for the male sperm and one purpose for the female egg.

    That isn't a single emotional action made that doesn't require choice. Love is not a requirement for sex. Sex is not a requirement for love.

    The question is right versus wrong. The biological function of the anise is to dispose of human waste.

    Let's not leave out the confusion that is added when homosexual parents raise children as if it is a natural human process. Should 2 men raise 5 female children or 5 male children if so how would this positively affect human race?

    The only arguements for homosexuality is love. The absolute only line that separates heterosexuals and homosexuals is sex.

    Confusion of gender has become an issue some how? !

    Without the opposite sex sexuality the Male and female gender would survey no purpose and end the human race.

    Among men homosexuality has increase HIV exposure not just to gay men but bisexual men to females.

    I am not a women so I don't know how they sexually perform. Other than vaginal manipulation. Any female who desires insertion of any object within her vaginal walls, And the male penis is not involved then she is ignoring her natural biological desire for the male connection and substitutes artificial means.

    Plenty of studies on negative impact of pornagraphy and masterbation among men and there relationships. I mention this because it is an artificial substitute to achieve orgasm.

    No doubt in my mind that the majority will not see any negative impact at all. In fact they will say as long as it feels good it is good. Never discussing the first negative feeling they had when 1st homosexual act was performed. Never mind the destruction anal sex has on both male and female bodies. Sex is like an addictive drug when misused. There is a street drug known as Russian Magic or krokodile drug or zombie drug which feels so good killing its victims from the inside out deteriorating flesh.

    The same arguments for why homosexuality is good are the same arguments that can be used for, Beastuality, And pedophilia.

    It's pretty sad if sex and money is the only purpose to life individuals have.

    For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction. Hmmmm

  • Yes it is still wrong.

    Spiders eat their own babies Chimpanzees brutally murder and eat other monkeys. Dogs have no problem with incest. We are not simple animals and we should not use animal behavior. We wear clothes we change the environment we use language and we have writing. We are not beasts.

    Then you say but the Romans and the Greeks were homo. Yes they were, And they did pedophilia and slavery and they castrated males against their will. They were very perverted and if you read history you can see that they were very mentally unhealthy, And their mighty empire self destructed.

    Christianity has helped people. (not Catholicism) A lot of scientists from the past believed in God and from Them vaccines came and medicine and sanitation and calculus. Homosexual was opposed and people prospered. But then the decay of Christianity started Around the time evolution and racism.
    Christianity became infected by evolution and racism. And when the Bible was removed from schools that's when you see the graphs and change in society.
    In this age there are still Christians but they are a shadow of their former selves. Homosexuality is rampant and people are becoming sexually deviant. In the 90s people were not as they are today. Little kids need to be safe online. And there are way too many pedophiles now. And homosexuals want to distance themselves from pedophiles but they are family will all the deviant behavior.

    And that is what is going on today. People only want to satisfy their perverse desires and the nations are falling. Sex sex sex sex sex. That is all they care about.

  • They join a stupid community

    While being gay in of itself isn't inherently wrong, The LGBTQ+ community is. Every homosexual I've met immediately goes psycho and starts posting LGBT content nonstop, Obsessing over their gayness like how men obsessed over fire when they first discovered it. They don't seem to accept that nobody outside their stupid community cares but if you tell them it is considered homophobia. I wouldn't hate them but, Man, I have yet to see a homosexual who doesn't do this.

  • Yes it is still wrong

    Do you want aids? If you do, Then it's your funeral. Not everyone wants aids so no it's not natural what so ever. There is no gay gene, Nor does it bring balance. Homosexuality ruins families and brings utter chaos. It is in no way natural nor right. Heterosexuality rules.

  • I am irritated

    This is an incredibly passionate topic for me since i myself am a priest who has committed several felonies, Including touching a minor. Therefore, I think that we should ban homoSEXuals from the church because they wear very silly clothes and dance around with such foolish charm that is gay.

  • Not in Nature!

    Animals have been known and observed to naturally have same-gender relationships. I think that, Over time, Religious beliefs have imprinted on the current outlook for LGBTQ-related matters. The strong opposition to it over centuries has likely ingrained itself into society, And so it has been mostly unheard of or completely shut out in the past. In more recent times, Where less people are religious, They appear to be more open-minded. I dunno, I can't really elaborate on it that well. It's like 5am

  • Consent and the Right to do what you want

    While we have already gotten over the legality of being gay we care still getting over the moral ambiguity of being gay. Homosexuality when done in a consensual relationship is in no way different then a hetero relationship.

    Most arguments are colored by their little black book of hate and don't have any reasoning's as to why homosexuality is wrong outside the religion. It hurts no one. Gay is not contagious (even if it was it wouldn't be too bad to help control the population and find homes for our overburdened foster care system) Even the argument that it is against nature because we are meant to procreate is unfounded. There are animals that have homosexual relationships. It does not impact the species productivity and infact is helpful in ensuring family group survival. A close knit group that has an extra set of hands means easier childcare. Same reason why human women likely live past menopause, They can stick around to help out the family unit. Ocra whales do it.

  • Homosexuality is someone falling in love with someone of their own gender, As we all know.

    It just means that they are not normal. Personally, I have never had a problem with differences, No matter how big. I myself am extremely different. Plus, Itś not like they are bad people. I know gay people, And they are some of the best people I know. I rest my case.

  • You can't call anything "wrong" without talking about morals

    No one can say that homosexuality is "wrong" or not "wrong" without talking about morals, And religion is the primary source of morals for such discussions. Personally I have absolutely no problem with homosexuality, But that, Of course, Is due to my morals. But here are some facts: homosexuality is not unnatural, As several animals can fall in love with the same sex.

  • Sell our daughters! YAY!

    All my sister's friends are gay. Using that information, Are my sister's friends bad people? No. Are they getting HIV from everything? No. So they are just idiots? No. So they must have been raised by queers? No. Are they incredible human beings that I have the utmost pleasure to know? YES YES YES YES YES. Which button do I think you should hit? NO.

  • Love is love

    Whatever makes them happy. They aren't furries. They aren't pedophiles. It's just their preference, Which is completely legal and morally acceptable. Not to mention that Earth has an overpopulation problem as is, So from that point of view, The more people who are gay, The less damage to the Earth in the long run.

  • Not by the standards of modern humanism.

    When you eliminate dogmatic moral codes such as those provided by religions, You need to define an alternative, Rational objective by which to judge the 'morality' of an act.

    To the vast majority of humanists, Morality boils down to that which minimizes suffering, And maximizes quality of life. Through this lens you can plainly see that homosexuality is not particularly moral nor immoral, It is merely the state of being sexually attracted to same-sex persons. What about this is immoral? If you propose that the sexual act involving multiple males, Females or whatever variations thereupon we have yet to see, Is immoral, Then you must consider the harm/value implications of said act, And you have your answer.

  • Love is Love. There is no wrong or right.

    Yes, Sometimes, It may be different than the usual, But I think that just makes it more special. Homosexuality is a step to modernization. You can't control whom you fall in love with.

    How does it matter if they can't reproduce? They help control overpopulation. They inspire people to love themselves for who they are and not care about what others think. They inspire people to be brave. They make the world a better place.

    By the way, Wrong or right, I don't think religion has anything to do with love.

    I am a proud supporter of the LGBT+ community, And I think you should be, Too.

  • Homosexuality is NOT wrong!

    Homosexuality is not wrong. It is the same thing as a girl or guy liking the opposite gender. A girl liking another girl is no different than a guy liking a girl. Just because it is looked down on because of reasons there isn't a strong reason why it should be. Love is love and for the people who turn out to be part of the LGBTQ+ community don't just choose to be homosexual. They figure it out as they grow up. And yes I will say that some of the cases are a phase but some aren't so parents should always be like "oh its just a phase" because some cases are NOT just a silly phase and it is a part of who they and they should be accepted for being apart of that and being themselves.

  • It is not a contagious disease nor an illegal deed.

    We all have a choice to what we will be. Nobody can take that right away. Homosexuality is not Something to be ashamed of. As long as someone is a righteous, Humane and sympathetic person, He or she needn't to be a victim of verbal as well as physical offense from anyone because no one is flawless and those flaws are the evidences of humanity. In addition, Being a homo is far too better than being those irresponsible hetero parents. Divorce, Abortion, Child abuse, Domestic violence - all these make us realize that a good heart is the core of a humane human and one's sexual preference is nothing to be considered a crime.

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