Now that Gay marriage (or as I call it marriage) is legal, should polygamy be legalized next?

Asked by: Madeline1698
  • The Death of Marriage

    With homosexual "marriage" legalized, we can only expect more to come out of Pandora's box.
    The classic "argument'' (horrible argument) is that "Love is Love"....
    If "love is love" and all you need is a consent with the person or being who you wish to marry, what limits are there to marriage in the state? What can stop polygamous relationships? Or same-sex threpels? Or incestual relationships? Or pedophilic relationships? What then limits marriage to only two people? What those who argue for homosexual "marriage" isn't even marriage at all, what they are arguing for is the abolishment of marriage and replacing it with a contract.

    The only reason why the State cares about marriage is because the State cares about the children in those relationships. Thousands of studies on Natural Marriages ( man and woman) show that Children thrive in heterosexual households. A child needs a mom and a dad. Polygamous relationships strip a child of their right to one mother and one father.
    To finish off: If you vote no on this question, you are also voting no against everything the LGBT( add what ever characters you want ,here) stands for. If you vote yes, not only are you siding with the idea that Love has no definite form but also with what the LGBT wish to enforce, which is anything but love.

  • I see no problem in it.

    I see no problem in letting people be polyamorous, I mean if they are all consenting, why should anyone care. I mean if it can be done in a way that no one gets tricked into a marriage that already has several members it shouldn't be a problem. I mean that is just me though.

  • I don't understand what the problem would be.

    I want to hear sound justifications about why it shouldn't be. No religious arguments aloud because you are not thinking for yourself , you are simply regurgitating something said by a person or a mythical figure that refuses to tell others in person , but instead uses representatives, whom unabashedly ruin the reputation of sender.

  • Sure Go Ahead

    I'm not a polygamist or homosexual, but I fully one-hundred percent think they should have the right to take their relationship to the next level. The only thing I think would be a problem with polygamy is marriage benefits, but I'm sure we can figure that out. The most common arguments against homosexuality and polygamy is that it's not longer "traditional marriage," and spits in the face of the people who created marriage. People who make this argument ignore the fact that marriage started as a way of saying a particular woman was owned by her man, and that the man was fully able to get concubines. Who are you to say that somebody's relationship can't go to the next step?

  • People should be able to make their own decisions.

    If someone wants to marry someone of a different race - let them! If someone wants to marry someone of the same sex - Go For It! If someone wants to marry more than one person and everyone in that relationship is happy with it - why should we stop them? It is the same argument as it has always been - let people make their own decisions about how they want to live their lives and stop acting like it is affecting you - you're not the ones in the relationship.

  • Only if the polygamists buy and live on their own Love Boat as their country, and stay there.

    First off, I'm not religious and I have no issues against gays wanting to be together, or having tax breaks/insurance etc same as heterosexual couples. But the term "marriage" is, was, and always will be about a male/female union, as defined by all religious faiths. Gay "marriage" never should have been coined. They should have called it a "civil union" or "contractual partnership", anything except marriage. The results would have been exactly the same rights, with likely less antagonism toward religious groups.
    This is a fine can of worms opened by the supreme court butting in where it had no business. An extremely bad call. Now every pedophile, or people who want to have their cake and eat it too, and let's not forget animal lovers, will be clamoring for equal rights on this matter. Religions will be attacked in attempts to force them to perform ceremonies they have every right to refuse.
    As for polygamy, it's been tried in this country. The result was brainwashed zombie women, little girls married to old men, etc. But aside from that, don't kid yourself if you think it will be all happy happy without constant strife and jealousy. Hardly a good environment for children.

  • And the First domino hits the next

    I never took a side on the gay marriage debate as there are well arguments on both sides, but just as gay people claimed wouldn't happen, one thing triggers the next, now polygamy seems to have become a risen topic. I am in no way religious and I'm not going to say this isn't okay because so and so page... Said so, but because polygamy will bring more issues with it. So instead of having these problems we should stop it here. In my opinion we made the problem decades ago when we brought government into marriage, a place where it probably shouldn't belong, but with very high doubts of that ever changing in even our younger generations lifetimes we must accept how it is and not make situation any worse.
    There will undoubtably be issues about things such as the over 2700 financial and social benefits that apply for married couples, the dealing of property ownership, and social interaction.
    In my opinion I also fail to see how one could equally love many parters at once however that has naught to do with legality.
    If you want to get married and be with multiple partners go ahead and do your marriage ceremony however you want, you don't have to bring government into it. Its complicated as well as unnecessary.

  • This is why gay marriage shouldn't have been legalized

    Now that a man can marry a man and a woman can marry a woman there is nothing to stop a woman form marrying two men. This may sound ridiculous but less than 50 years ago so did gay marriage. Soon people will be wanting to marry dogs, their siblings, or children. We have opened Pandora's box and there is no closing it. Maybe I will marry my car so that I can get life insurance when it crashes!

    Polygamy is a very bad thing! You cannot love two spouses equally. Are we going to go back to the days of giant harems? Back then gay relationships were common too so i guess we should have seen it coming. History repeats itself.

  • No, I do not believe that polygamy should be legalized.

    First off let me just say that I was and still am against gay marriage. These are mostly based on personal and religious opinions of mine. But when it comes to polygamy, I personally believe that it's nothing but a recipe for disaster. Let me explain. First off, 10 or so wives fighting over one man is not a good idea. Second off it will hurt the children a considerable amount. I mean just imagine 20 or so children fighting over one dad and not being able to spend as much time with him. It is for these reasons that I believe polygamy is wrong. Thank you and God bless.

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