Nowadays we can autotune every scrap of a song if we wish, that said, is music better off without imperfections?

Asked by: GoodPoint
  • Don't be a hypocrite.

    I agree that modern singers need less talent in order to be famous, in fact fairly recent things have shown that you don't need any musical talent at all to make a big hit in the music industry. Look at rap. There is no singing required, no instruments needed. Just the ability to site poetry to the rhythm of a drum machine as chopped up works of actual artists get played as filler. Seriously, what musical talent is required to make a rap hit? Basically, it is a modern form of the beatnik poetry from the 50's and 60's where someone would spout poetry to they rhythm of a bongo, and the "hipsters" would applaud in the form of snapping their fingers.
    With performers getting more and more lazy as far as talent is considered, odds are some of your recent favorite songs have been auto-tuned. Many, if not most, guitar players can't even read actual sheet music and just play by tabs. I would guess you would not want your favorite song ruined by a clunker so just admit that you prefer your songs with auto-tuning and stop being a hypocrite.
    I have accepted the fact that today's performers simply lack the talent to perform songs as well as they, or someone else, has written. I do find it sad though because most of my past favorite groups had actual talent and if I waited for new artists to have such talent I would never hear any new music.

  • Autotune is a talent crutch

    If you wanted to use autotune and audibly "perfect" every song in a musicians library, you could do so, and I believe that the majority of the population would clamor to praise the artist. However, if I am being honest, I will gladly and proudly admit that I find autotune to be nothing more than an audio crutch which allows musicians with little to no talent to release records they have no business performing. Truly talented musicians don't need autotune to make a song sound good, and truly passionate musicians don't use autotune.
    The poet Oscar Wilde once said "Any musician can play accurately, not every musician can play well."

  • Art can't be art if we force it to be generic,

    While it's true many songs today sound more smooth than songs from the past, there's something annoying about watching the soul get taken from every performance. Artists before auto tune could actually sing live, and they had a natural human imperfection to there voices that made them seem genuine. I honestly much prefer songs from a time before there was no editing, and with respect to a few modern songs I enjoy, I think we undervalue natural talent when we take a song and twist it to meet our standards.

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