NSA Spying: Should tech companies refuse to divulge user information, even at the expense of steep fines?

  • Yes, tech companies should refuse to divulge user information.

    Tech companies should refuse to give away user information, because it is very important to uphold and protect basic privacy rights of citizens. It is my opinion that although there are steep fines, the only way legislation will change is if companies themselves refuse to divulge personal information to the government.

  • Companies should respect privacy

    Companies should respect privacy of users. This is because when people use services they are aware of what the risks are. Years ago, there were no risks released. No one ever said they would lose their privacy. No one wants to let someone else know about their medical conditions or finances.

  • Privacy is a must

    I think tech companies should deeply consider just how important a user takes their privacy. The bottom line is, when a user signs up for a company, they are giving them their full trust. A company should never betray this trust, even if their are potential fines involved. The customer comes first.

  • Don't make me laugh

    Is this the part where america pretends to be a democracy? No tech company will ever make it big if it didn't cooperate with the u.S government. Even little websites like hush mail have to share all their data with the u.s. government or be shut down. Forget about the big ones. Even Russian tech giants like Yandex, and VK are forced to "share" information with the u.S government. Putin said it himself. Russian websites MUST hire western board members, or face the consequences. Let's not even talk about google getting money under the table from the u.s. government. What does google, or yahoo gain by concealing your information? Google and yahoo basically answer to no one. It's a rigged market. It's not like you have many choices when it comes to search engines. It's either yahoo, bing, google, or nothing. That's why they call america a fascist country, because corporations, and government has merged into one. Most of the people who run google, yahoo, and bing are fascists anyway, so they love sharing information with "the enemy". They probably volunteer it before the government even asks. The internet was invented by the u.S military to do surveilance, and psyops. If they weren't allowed to do this, then why would they spend all that money? Google, yahoo, and bing were and ONLY were given the green light because the u.S government knew they would "play ball", otherwise they would have been shut down ages ago.

  • No, they shouldn't

    I think there should be protections in place where companies don't have to give up information without a warrant. They should never be fined for trying to do the right thing. But I also believe that if there is probable cause against on of their customers they should give up the informaiton without a fight.

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