Nuclear energy: Can nuclear energy co-exist successfully with renewables?

  • Yesss, nuclear energy

    0 years prior. Our demand for energy is growing very quickly and as a result we are increasing carbon emissions at a dangerous rate. There have been no deaths in the united states as a result of nuclear reactors, however I encourage you to research deaths due to particulates formed from expending fossil fuels. I am not going to say that there are no risks to utilizing nuclear energy, but I will say that we have become desensitized to the risks (and real damages) or fossil fuels. With more money invested in development of a nuclear energy program, we could ensure more rigorous safety protocols to handle "what if" scenarios. We need nuclear energy to give solar power more time for development and implementation. Yes, we have used nuclear development in horrible ways in the past, and will always have to live with the consequences of developing weapons with the technology, but that does not mean that we can not use the technology to fix the greatest environmental and economic troubles of our time.

  • Yes, Nuclear and Renewable Energy can Co-exist.

    As of writing this opinion there is no way for Renewable energy sources to completely provide us with our energy needs. Renewable energy sources can decrease our demand for more harmful alternatives but not completely replace it. Therefore nuclear and renewable energy can co-exist out of necessity. Furthermore nuclear energy suffers from a bad reputation and is safer than most people suspect.

  • Nuclear energy cannot co-exist with humanity

    Nuclear energy simply cannot be used, it is too dangerous. Much like nuclear weapons, they are suicidally insane. Nuclear energy is not a solution to energy woes or to climate change, as Fukushima has clearly proven. It's time we face this reality and act fast, as we do not have much time left.

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