Nuclear energy: Can nuclear energy help reduce emissions, fight climate change?

  • Nuclear Energy Is Cleaner

    When you consider the fact that nuclear energy is a far cleaner source than our current energy sources, it can significantly impact emissions in a positive way, if it were used more. Since we have problems with some nuclear plants, past and present, it is important to consider the potential harm of nuclear energy as well. I believe it can be done safely and I believe we should expand it's use.

  • Nuclear Energy Not Safe

    Nuclear energy isn't a safe alternative to help fight climate change. Humans have shown an inability to properly manage nuclear power plants and the waste they create. Therefore, we should look for safe forms of energy that would reduce emissions. Nuclear energy isn't a viable solution at this point in time.

  • Nuclear energy can help reduce emissions, fight climate change.

    Although nuclear energy remains dangerous, it is proven that it can help reduce green house gas emissions and help prevent climate change. Scientists will have to decide whether the trade-off between the dangers of nuclear outweigh the effects of climate change. Neither solution is optimal and both pose significant dangers.

  • Only Emission is Steam

    Nuclear energy has one atmospheric emission in the form of steam given off when water is boiled to produce water vapor to turn electrical turbines. Nuclear energy is used to produce heat in order to make the steam. Yes, there are safety issues regarding reactors and possible meltdowns. Yes, nuclear waste is dangerous and radioactive. However, overall, nuclear energy is a safe, effective method for producing electricity for decades at a time.

  • Yes it can.

    Nuclear energy can help reduce emissions and fight climate change. While it may not be as good of an option as wind power, solar power or hydro electic power, it is a way to fight climate change. We should be looking into all of the options to help reduce out emissions.

  • Yes it Can, But.... It has real problems too.

    Coal contributes a good portion of our Global emissions and if we replaced those plants with Nuclear energy plants that could help curb those emissions. The technology already exists and it could produce a large amount of energy without those dangerous emissions. So it is definitely feasible and in the short term could help. But in the long term we would need to figure out an better way to handle the nuclear waste.

  • Climate change is natural

    The Ice Age occurred long before humans inhabited the earth in the manner we do today. The fact that climate will change is a definite one. There is no realistic way to stop climate change. Nuclear energy could however, produce more efficient energy allowing for greater production and propensity to protect the worlds cities from rising sea levels.

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