Nuclear energy: Does nuclear energy improve energy security nationally, internationally?

  • Nuclear energy improves energy security both nationally and internationally.

    On the whole, nuclear energy is safer and more efficient than any other commonly used source of power. It is a way to generate very large amounts of energy using very few natural resources. Nuclear energy waste can also be recycled much more efficiently than fossil fuel waste and is less pollutive to the environment.

  • Yes, nuclear energy improves energy security nationally AND internationally

    Nuclear energy gets a horrible rap and it is by no means our best option. That being said the gas and oil industry is far worse. Until we can transition into a greener more eco-friendly world as far as our technology goes, nuclear is the best we have.

    I personally would love to see solar panels on every rooftop and windmills on the horizon but until then nuclear is the best option in my opinion.

  • Fund nuclear research, and it might.

    Nuclear energy is brilliant: it's (mostly) clean, it's renewable, and it's (mostly) safe.

    I say 'mostly' because we don't have enough funding to make these processes safer. If we did, nuclear energy could be a viable source of energy.

    The atomic bombs dropped on Japan in WW2 only released ~1% of the energy that could have been released during the fission process. That might seem scary, but it also provides some hope: if we could engineer processes that could reach up to 20-40% efficiency, while retaining safety, we would have an extremely viable energy source.

    We just need funding.

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