Nuclear energy: Is nuclear energy justified and should it be expanded?

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  • I certainly thing so.

    Nuclear power is the best. It should defiantly be expand. It is also so much safer than people give it credit for. Some people get obsessed with the smallest danger from nuclear power even as then ignore much large risk in other areas of their lives. It isn't logical, and is defiantly not make good energy policy.

  • Nuclear Energy Has It's Uses

    I believe nuclear energy is justifiable and it should be expanded. I believe we should try to diversify our sources of energy and nuclear energy has proved to be a feasible source. While I do believe nuclear energy can pose a few threats, I think if it is handled appropriately, it is very safe.

  • Nuclear is safe

    Nuclear energy is hurt for the same reasons that so many other seemingly beneficial things are hurt: poor public perception due to high profile incidents. There are far more nuclear plants in the world than people imagine, yet only a tiny number (and only minorly in the US) has there ever been a problem. Compare this to the far less clean, far more inefficient plants.

  • Nuclear energy should be relied upon.

    Nuclear energy should be a resource that is pursued in the future. I think that nuclear energy is justified and it should be expanded upon. It is better than dirty coal driven energy. I think that nuclear energy should be researched and expanded upon in an intelligent manner in the US.

  • Nuclear energy is not that dangerous

    Thanks to lax oversight of safety regulations in the 70s and 80s, nuclear energy has become this sort of bogeyman. The fact of the matter is that nuclear energy is safer, more efficient and more plentiful than any other type of energy known to mankind. We need more of it. The fact that isolated incidents such as 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima are known so well is a testament to how safe this energy really is -- you can literally count the number of accidents on one hand, spanning decades.

  • Nuclear Energy Dangerous

    Unfortunately, nuclear energy is quite dangerous, especially since we can't even properly dispose of these materials. The waste produced by nuclear energy often winds up poisoning the ground in some landfill that's not properly operated. For that reason, we should avoid nuclear energy and find cleaner sources of energy that are far less dangerous.

  • No it should not.

    Nuclear energy is extremely dangerous and should not be expanded on. It is bad enough that we have to have workers at a nuclear plant that can cause them all types of damage, but if we expand upon it things could get even worse. The world does not need more dangerous items in it.

  • Nuclear Energy is too Dangerous

    I'm all for alternatives to fossil fuels, but nuclear energy is not the answer. Despite decades of experience with nuclear power plants, we still have not developed a safe and effective way to deal with the radioactive waste. Further, the disaster in Fukushima showed that, despite claims of the nuclear power industry, these plants are not safe or secure from earthquakes and floods. Unless it can be shown that there is a truly safe and clean way to run nuclear power plants, we should develop other, safer forms of energy.

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