Nuclear energy: Is nuclear energy sustainable long-term?

  • It's a piece of technology that is still developing. So it needs time to be perfected.

    Now that video is a old one. Well, at least in current standards what is considered old. However the argument put forth is a good one. I suggest taking a look at it for those whom are against the idea.

    WARNING: The video link has adult content in it. Nudity and vulgarity.

    It's a show by Pen and Teller. Some maybe familiar with it, some not. However I assure, they do have at least a couple of valid arguments to support nuclear energy. So do take a look at it.

  • Yes, we have had it for a while.

    Yes, nuclear energy is sustainable long-term, because it has already been around for a long time. Nuclear energy is something that is produced. It is not something that we will run out of after a period of time, like coal power. Nuclear energy is created, and when we run out, we can make more of it. Thus, it is sustainable long term.

  • Reactors Last 40 Years

    Right now, nuclear reactors last about 40 years. As technology improves, reactors will improve. Nuclear energy is green energy in the fact that the only emission is steam from the boiling water. Storing waste materials from nuclear fission is cumbersome, but if done properly nuclear energy is as sustainable as wind and solar. As long as safeguards are in place, nuclear energy can be viable anywhere until a better source of power is found such as nuclear fusion.

  • Nuclear energy is a long term viability.

    I think that nuclear energy can be a long term solution to the energy crisis that our planet is currently facing. It is a better and more viable option than chasing dirty energy, and it is more effective right now than solar power or wind based energy. It is what we have.

  • I think that it has been proven that nuclear energy is not sustainable long-term.

    I think that it has been proven that nuclear energy is not sustainable
    long-term. It’s far too dangerous to be
    in human hands. Someone will always try
    to turn it to a weapon. Could you
    imagine what would happen if terrorists were ever to get their hands on a
    nuclear weapon?

  • Nuclear energy requires expendable fuel, also there is waste

    Nuclear energy is not a waste-free, resource free fuel. You would still require a constant supply of uranium/plutonium to make it work. This means mining would sill be required. In addition, exhausted materials still need a place to be stored indefinitely so they can no longer become a threat to the general population. While Nuclear energy is a short term solution, humanity will need to find a place to renew the stockpile of Nuclear materials.

  • Nuclear energy is terrible for the environment & unsustainable long term

    Nuclear energy seems like a good solution as fossil fuels become harder to find, however until we can develop a process to handle the nuclear waste it will not work in the long term. Nuclear waste remains radioactive for an estimated 10,000 years and the expenses in transporting and storing make nuclear energy not viable for the long term. Solar technology needs to replace nuclear power in the future.

  • Nuclear energy isn’t effective on the long term.

    Well nuclear energy needs a very rare type of uranium (u-235) so if we run out of it then there is simply nothing called nuclear energy. So the chances of running out of this rare type of uranium is very probabl such as any rare resources and as we relie on it more and more because nuclear technology is a great way to produce electricity then we will run out faster.

  • Nuclear energy is not sustainable long-term.

    Nuclear energy is not sustainable long-term. Nuclear energy is very expensive and with all the advancement in technology there are better methods of creating energy. Nuclear energy is very bad for our environment and the products needed to produce nuclear energy is very dangerous to mine for. I think we should come up with another solution to our energy needs.

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