Nuclear energy: Is nuclear needed to meet energy needs after fossil fuels?

  • Nuclear Used Instead of Fossil Fuels

    Nuclear energy is one solution to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels such as coal for electricity. Nuclear plants should already be used in place of coal-fired plants because they emit no carbon and have a long shelf life of 40+ years. There is an entire industry that could boom due to an influx of nuclear energy if more construction is approved.

  • Yes, nuclear energy is necessary.

    Nuclear energy is often given a bad reputation for being extremely dangerous compared to fossil fuels. However, it's clearer burning than fossil fuels, and with the energy demands of modern America, fossil fuels aren't enough to meet the constantly increasing energy needs. Nuclear energy is necessary to meet energy needs because there is no other extremely viable option for America right now.

  • Yes, Nuclear Energy is Efficient and Cost-Effective

    Yes, nuclear energy is needed to meet energy needs after fossil fuels. A nuclear power plant produces several times the energy of a coal power plant. We should not wait until all of our fossil fuels are depleted before making the transition to nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is already a less expensive option. At present, it does not look like green energy will be able to meet demand once fossil fuels run out.

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