Nuclear family only (yes) or extended family as well (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Yes for nuclear, no for extended as well. I'm torn.

    I'd be heartless to say that yes. But my experiences with all extended families (including my own at times) lead me to say no. Extended families tend to be rife with bigotry. Hatred of tomboys who prefer guy friends and autistic people is rife in extended families. It's an old notion of maintaining purity for them. Much of the racism that permeated America came from extended families as well.

  • The nuclear famly concept cannot exlude the extended family

    In most cases the nuclear family is a strong foundation but that foundation cannot always be trusted to hold. If it could this debate would not exist in the first place. The extended family can be just as strong as the nuclear family and in some cases even stronger. The heart of the family is in the souls of the care givers.

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