Nuclear weapons are a catastrophe that can end Earth, so it shouldn't be invented.

  • Nuclear power can result life on Earth will extinct, even mankind.

    I totally disagree what the scientists do to make Nuclear weapons back in WW2. A weapon for one victory, massive extinction for life. Just 100 nuclear bombs can end life on Earth due to the radiation, those nuclear physicist, use science for foolishness!!!!!! Never use their brain!!! Invented such kind of deadly worthless shit!!!!!!!!!! The world will better without those, even for war use, the radiation kills.

  • I like nuclear war fare

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  • Nuclear WEAPONS are different form nuclear energy.

    You are missing the point here. The question asked if the WEAPONS should be invented. From the word itself, it is a weapon and the purpose of weapon is to kill and to win a war. First, i do not promote war. Second, killing is nothing but opposite to unity. How can the society be united if through this, the society itself will be destroyed. You may think that this is sci-fi, but remember that reality is just copying what is written in your "sci-fi".

  • You are missing the point of this opinion.

    The opinion states nuclear WEAPONS therefore only the weaponry aspect of nuclear weapon should be taken into context.

    With that being stated, nuclear weapon TODAY is a waste of money. The nuclear weapon technology has developed so far that Hiroshima and its effects are dwarfed when compared to missiles today. And we know how catastrophic Hiroshima was. Even Chernobyl and Fukushima which aren't even weapons had adverse effects.

    You might say: "But PP, that's today, not back in the WWII days. Without it the war on Nippon/Terror might never have ended!". The misconception here is that we needed the nuclear weapon to be dropped on Hiroshima. Why didn't we just carpet bomb or napalm the whole place or use more conventional tactics? But no use crying over spilled milk, all we care is Nippon lost the war and surrendered. History was written and we will never know the outcome if we didn't drop it on Hiroshima.

    Used properly, or should I say improperly, nukes can 'end the world', at least the human world, giving an opening to other more resilient organisms to evolve and potentially be sentient. Some Terraformars cockroaches maybe.

    As I tried to show above, nuclear weapons has widespread effects and for people who owns nuclear weapons, if a nuke is dropped somewhere and can potentially harm/kill the people of another country that owns nukes, the expected reaction would be drop a nuke on the country that did it, or at least nearby and say they were testing weapons.

    For those who support proliferation of nuclear power, I totally agree. As a power source, nuclear is one of the most cost-effective and capable of producing large amounts of energy; imagine if we had practical fusion technology, power of the sun!

  • No evidence that nuclear weapons will end earth.

    Nuclear weapons are bad, let me state that right off the back. However, i doubt a nuclear weapons will "destroy earth". It's not likely that nuclear weapons will be used enough to destroy earth, especially since america is pressuring other countries not to use them. I think if nations like Iran get access to a big nuclear program to use it would cause great instability and possibly even bring trade embargoes, and possibly even war. You can't say it shouldn't be invented, because it already has been invented. The nuclear weapon gained by america, saved more lives than it damaged.

  • They can end earth. But I think if your saying Yes you're reading too much sci-fi here....

    Look, while we could blast ourselves off the face of the earth, I doubt we will. If WW2 had gone on, eventually Germany or others on the other side of the war would have made them, and in the end (unless Hitler failed even without nuclear weapons being a threat) we'd be under the power of the Nazi's.

  • Nuclear Power has been beneficial

    Nuclear power has been beneficial to society, it is a cleaner and more reliable source of energy than fossil fuels and the bomb itself has saved millions of lives. First, look at WWII and more importantly the possible invasion of mainland Japan. Millions of Americans and civilians would've died if they didn't drop the bombs, the positives outweighed the negatives. Also think to yourself what could have happened in the 70s and 80s if not for nuclear weapons. The only thing stopping the Cold war from going hot was the threat of nuclear annhilation.

  • The Nukes may have killed many people but...

    Yes I agree, the atomic bombs did kill a lot of people. But Think where we would be if the Americans didn't drop those bombs. Japan probably wouldn't of surrendered. There would be more killings, mass amounts of people dying and violence. The Manhattan project was a huge leap for science and technology. Nuclear power has been very beneficial to everyone. The risks of an explosion or malfunction is very low and still, to this day declining. The Nazi party might not of surrendered and many more would die

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