Nuclear (yes) or extended (no) family? Why?

Asked by: Adam2
  • I like the general idea of nuclear.

    I have never been very close to my extended family, and every time I hear about nuclear families, I don't see a problem with it. While back when the concept was mainstream, it involved women not going to work, but with women in the workforce just about as much as men are, the idea of going to work, and coming home to a nice home-cooked meal by my wife sounds quite nice if you ask me.

  • Nuclear family -- but I'm torn

    I've had bad experiences with extended family. Some of them are rude and puritan as f--k. They'll say nasty and mean-spirited things about tomboys and autistic people, belittling them. That's why sometimes I think nuclear families are more accepting of others than extended families, though not all extended families are bad.

    Vote yes for nuclear
    No for extended

  • Nuclear families are not better

    I had an experience that nuclear families are not better. In an extended family we learn to interact with others. We will have more fun with our
    cousins, uncle, aunt, and grandparents. When our father is at another place and our mother is at duty theother members in our family takes the responsibility to look after us. It would also be a great help when we have a extended family. They can help our parents in their work. We will also be able to learn different skills which other family member have. In an extended family there is always someone to share our sorrows, and joys. Every time there is also an family member who supports you. In a nuclear family if there are two or three children one can also be rude to the other one. So i don't really belive that only in extended families one can be rude to others.

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