Nude Celebrity Photos: Do you want to look at pictures of naked celebrities?

  • I'll Admit I Looked

    I'm a woman, so looking at the recently leaked nudes was not a sexual thing for me, but rather a sense of curiosity. Are they as beautiful as they appear on screen? Or are they normal like me. I do agree that many of the women whose photos were leaked are more beautiful than average, but it was also nice to see them without makeup and special lighting. I still feel bad that their privacy was violated though.

  • People look funny naked.

    No, I do not want to look at pictures of naked celebrities, because people look funny when they are naked. If you really think about it, humans are funny looking people. None of us really look good naked. I wouldn't want to look at anyone naked, especially a celebrity who didn't want their photos leaked.

  • I feel bad for them

    Clearly they didn't want those leaked or they would have released that information themselves. I feel bad that they can't keep the things that they want private away from the public, and that once these things get leaked out, everybody sees them. I would be mortified! I hope they get things taken care of!

  • No risquee photos for me

    No risquee photos for me. I am not interested in seeing what everyone has underneath of their clothes. They are covered for a reason. There are only two sexes: men and women, and it is pretty predictable what they look like beneath their clothes. It is nothing new. I am interested in looking at art or going sightseeing.

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