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  • Up with the Cloud!

    While security is a very serious issue to consider, I don't think that stopping the use of Cloud computing is necessary. What I do believe is necessary is finding a way to implement additional security measures to the service so that breaches of privacy, like the ones in recent memory, don't get a chance to happen again.

  • Don`t Stop Cloud Computing For Nude Photo

    The cloud has become one of the most successful and useful tools of the digital age. It has provided the general audience with the freedom to store vast volumes of information free of the burden of physical storage. Recent nude photos leakage is an issue concerning the Internet security and personal data theft. Unfortunately, cloud computing doesn`t feature as a crime-free storage facility.

  • No, I just feel that we need to be more careful.

    No, I just feel that we need to be more careful. I love cloud computing it offers so many advantages. I feel that we should be more careful in order to protect this wonderful style of networking on the Internet. I think its too good of an style in order to just give up.

  • No, it's not the technology that is the issue, but rather how some individuals choose to use it.

    Though the incident with the nude photos on cloud is a cause for concern, cloud computing itself is not the problem. There will always be positive and negative consequences to technology, just as there will always be people that exploit weaknesses in technology. Instead of giving in to those exploitations, we should learn how to "plug" those weakness and catch individuals that would abuse technology created to improve certain aspects of our lives. Furthermore, when we choose to use technology such as this to store files, we must be aware of the risks we are taking with what we choose to put out there. Nothing is 100% secure on the net, even when we use services that do have security measures in place.

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