Nudist children should be allowed naked in stores naked during heat wave, If with sibling or family older than 16?

  • Yes, People wo disagree are oppressive. Liberty of Conscience is a right! Also known as "Separation of Church and State. "

    Everyone should be free to express their beliefs openly in society. This right is not exclusive to Christians, Jews, And Buddhists. Nudism is a valid cultural value, Just as the Muslim Burka is. Just because someone else disagrees with that value doesn't give them the authority to deny others the right to hold and express it. Public nudity only offends the belief structure of others. It does not cause any real harm. Punishing someone because they offense your belief system is oppression by definition. It is a cruel and unjust use of power or authority.

  • What is wrong with you?

    Your Damnation is Just if you never come to Christ Jesus in a Repentance State, Especially from asking this Disgusting and Disturbing Question. My Word, What is Wrong with you? Are you a pedophile or something? You need Jesus in your life, Get saved, Or burn in hell. Your choice.

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