• CCP must be destroyed

    CCP must be destroyed as they are a threat to freedom and free people all around the world, Nukes are the only option left by now or we will all suffer more oppression, Pandemics and injustice brought upon all of us. If we nuke them properly then the CCP will be destroyed before they kill more people.

  • Screw China okay

    China is just awful ok it deserves to be in hell ok and yes I think that we should have to nuke China ok and we should have to nuke China China is stupid and or cold it is rude ok Nd is the morning nuke China nuke China ok

  • Yes we should

    I think that we should nuke China because it would solve the overpopulation problem and we should just let the USA rule and take over the entire world ok and yes I think that we should nuke China so that way the USA can be more powerful and it can rule the world ok ok bye bye

  • We can't kill innocent people!

    It is irresponsible and cruel to kill people because of their race! I hate racist pigs who think they are superior because they are white! This isn't 1950 anymore! We don't have to hate other people because they are different! F*** all you bigoted assholes out there!

    Yours Sincerely
    Gabi xxx

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