Nuke India for a 1 week period because T Series passed pewdiepie for 1 week

Asked by: pewdnottgay
  • N o u

    If you support t series you have big homo. . . And t series is ultra homo and you don't want to be big homo unless you are actually homo then you have big straight and one time a indian man killed me in roblox so lets bomb them they don't deserve to have roblox and after he killed me i said a lot of bad words and after i said the bad words my mom banned me from roblox so now i can't play it so bomb them! Roblox! Also bomb my mom so i get roblox back!

  • Indian big stupid >:C

    Ok so basically my indian accountant said I couldnt afford a puppy crusher and it was a illegal, But so is breaking and enterring and robbing :rolls eyes:
    also how she know our law? She aint even white! /1/1/1
    also she's illegal >:C she's an immigrant!
    She wouldn't even be my wife, She was sending all the signals. . Staring at me, What was I supposed to do, Not ask her to marry me

  • T series is big gay

    T series succs balls so i agree with this one hundred percent and they are dum dums hehe lol. Also the people that support t series make cringey tik toks and i don't want that white trash on my feed so yeah. I need more words so oof oof oof.

  • Definitely we should

    Pewdiepie is the greatest channel in the world. T - Series passed them for over a week and this was heartbreaking for the internet. If this happens again many will be devastated and will likely cause suicides if they permanently pass him. If we bomb India then there will be much fewer people to subscribe to T-Series and the world will be much happier and morale will be increased globally (except in India). I am one of the people who were very sad about T-Series passing pewdiepie and I don't want others to feel that. Also T-Series is gay. Tgay.

  • T series is a big gay

    My home slice pewdiepie is a cool kid and t series is that nerdy kid in the corner but hes not even smart hes just a weirdo and he sits in the corner at school and eats his snot hes also super sensative if u say hi to him he flips out so lets bomb them t series has big gay and one time a indian girl wouldnt give me her number so lets bomb them and deport her before we do it because im single and the indian girl said no so she is gay i bet

  • T g a y

    T series is gay and people who support them have no no and the are a big no no t series is a no no and pewdiepie is a yes yes and he should be yes yes and pewdiepie is a good dood and t series is a no no and t series get nuked to increase morale in every place but india. :T

  • Didn't get what you want? Throw a hissy fit!

    There should be no doubt that India should be nuked for subscribing to T-Series. While it is impressive how Pewdiepie held up against a large company, It doesn't justify the murder of millions of innocent people. People will have opinions, And we have to accept that. Nuking India for such a trivial reason would be childish and closed-minded to do. If you have a problem with such facts, You might as well have a civilized debate about it, Not resort to violence and aggression.

  • SIKE bomb india fuk em

    T-Series is the enemy of the human race the only way to end them is to completely nuke them once and for all and end em! Pewdiepie is the only true god and by writing this gives more factors of why pewdiepie is a god people who deny it are big gay!

  • We should consider the consequences before we do things.

    I am t-series supporter.

    India has nuclear weapons, So does china, US, Russia. Nine of them use them. It causes too much catastrophies.

    A week?

    First of all it is unethical. Second the accounts will not disappear with physical attack. Don't assault India, Be an example for the civilization! Do it!

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