Nurse wins $1 million for chip flavor idea: Should we commend people for creating more unhealthy foods for obese Americans to consume?

  • Not everyone is obese

    There's a thing out there called anorexia. It's really taken over about a quarter of my school, vs. The eighth that is obese. Fattening foods like that could save the lives of the anorexic people in my school. If it tastes really good, and sells well, that'd be great. Obese americans should either accept their obesity and not care, or try to change it. Trying to change it requires self control. If obese people don't have the self control to put down a gluttony snack, they really don't care about their obesity.

  • Yes, commending people for creating ideas for unhealthy foods is fine!

    We live in a capitalist country, soon to be world, and I support the efforts of private companies who chose to engage the public in the development of their product. Coming up with a creative flavor for a chip does not mean we are encourage the abuse of unhealthy foods nor should free enterprise be squashed because of the choices that individuals make. It is the people who purchase and consume the product who cause obesity. I do believe companies should disclose nutritional values and use honest marketing of their products, but awarding someone apart of a marketing scheme is fine by me.

  • Yes, we should commend her.

    Everyone should be commended for the good things they do. The problem isn't obese Americans. After all, that's the beauty of America; we are free to make our own choices. Maybe the wrong thing that she did was to contribute to the corporate culture that is ripping America's democracy apart.

  • No we shoudn't commend people to create more unhealthy foods.

    Even though contests are fun and winning money can change your life. I don't think its smart for the chip companies to try and advertise unhealthy foods the way they do. I wish they could have done a contest that included a healthy punch to it.. Maybe like who can create the healthiest chip/flavor? It does suck that now, people are even more into eating unhealthy food.

  • We need to be healthier

    Our country is getting more and more disgusting with how unhealthy we are as a whole. While I believe in free enterprise and people being rewarded for "inventing" things or having great ideas, should we really be paying someone a million dollars for a new flavor of chips? In my mind we should be rewarding people for coming up with ways to make healthy foods more affordable or ways to make foods healthier overall. Her idea, if its that good should be compensated fairly, but lets start to put an emphasis on healthy creations.

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