• Yes, the NYC gold thief will be caught.

    As of now, the New York Police Department has determined the name of the famed NYC gold thief. They also seem to have a hunch that he is hiding out in Los Angeles. With these crucial pieces of the puzzle known, I believe it is only a matter of time until they catch him.

  • It is very likely they'll be caught soon.

    The suspect appears to be an opportunistic thief and therefore didn't make sufficient effort to cover his tracks. This meant that he allowed himself to be caught on CCTV with his face clearly on display which means identification should be fairly straightforward. Also, because he is not a professional criminal it seems likely that he will make a mistake when attempting to do anything with the gold that will provide evidence against him for the police.

  • Yes: Eventual capture is evident with NYC force

    The New York City crime fighting abilities are strong due to what they have had to deal with in recent past. Especially if the thief continues to act upon his crimes, the police will catch on and find him or he will be turned in by a bystander or unknown spectator.

  • It's a matter of time.

    He'll be caught as soon as he tries to sell all that gold. Anyone who sees those flakes is bound to be suspicious. I think this burglary was a spur of the moment thing and not entirely thought out. So, as soon as he tries to cash in his prize, this audacious thief will be caught.

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