• Donald Trump is in fact a fascist.

    GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump had displayed many of the traits associated with being a fascist. He's long been connected with radical right-wing nationalist groups. Today his claims and actions support fears that America needs to "fear" others and take action against them. No matter if they are Catholics, Jews or, Muslims.

  • Yes, Trump is a fascist.

    Yes, Trump is a fascist because he clearly does not believe in the democratic system. He wants power any way he can get it. It does not matter if he loses, he believes he should be in charge and should do what he wants with this country. He is a huge threat to democracy.

  • If he was he would want a judge to help abolish the constitution

    The constitution gives us all our rights and freedoms under the law.
    He would select a judge that wanted to make it a living constitution so soon it could be abolished as it sits
    He would get rid of religion
    He would get rid of gun rights
    He would get rid of capitalism
    He would be against small gov.
    He would want Gov run schools so they could be indoctrinated
    He would try to abolish state and county run policing.

    He's done non of these to prepare a one man government. He has been a boss for many years so you can see some of those characteristics but he's not pushing a fascist agenda.

  • He is a populist.

    Fascism is a very specific political ideology and while Trump's racism, misogyny and elitist conservatism when it comes to economic matters do overlap with fascist overlords who have come before him it is not correct to call his politics 'fascist'. He is rather a populist who stirs crude passions and tells people what he thinks they want to hear regardless of facts.

  • Trump is not a fascist, regardless of the remarks made by the NYC Mayor.

    The NYC Mayor compared Donald Trump to a fascist, claiming that his campaign attempts to align white voters against people of color. Bill de Blasio also cited Trump's remarks about the election being rigged as further proof of fascism, saying it is a tactic to undermine the democratic process. Fascism, however, takes away individualism, particularly in business, and it is clear that Trump is not against capitalism or individual success. Trump is not a Fascist in any sense of the word.

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