NYC on the 4th of July: Is the Statue of Liberty the strongest American symbol of freedom?

  • Yes, the Statue of Liberty is the strongest American symbol of freedom.

    Lady Liberty stands proud on Ellis Island, where many immigrating to the United States from Europe first landed. I can't even imagine immigrants arriving by boat from Europe and the feeling they must have had when they first laid eyes on her. When I think of symbols of American freedom I think of the Bald Eagle and the Statue of Liberty. But, I think that Lady Liberty edges out the Bald Eagle as the strongest because her symbolism to immigrants to this country.

  • Probably, but I'm not American.

    True it's one of the American trademarks, and it's generally thought of by Americans as a symbol of freedom, oddly enough it was given to them by pre-revolutionary France...Which says something right there. And it's also true that it greeted a lot of the immigrants coming to the US once upon a time.....Granted, the idea that they were in for this ideal world of bliss is foolish. Throughout history, most immigrants that went to America were treated like second-class garbage. During the 1800s Manhattan was a slum for the Irish and Italians where crime ran rampant and unchecked, most Mexican immigrants were always treated like garbage and sent to do the worst of jobs. During the 1900s, especially during WW2 the treatment of the Japanese, immigrant or not, was similar to that of the Nazis and their undesirables(in that they were forced out of their homes and in to internment camps where they were forced to live in sub-standard conditions), and the treatment of Indian and Arabic immigrants now, in the 2000s is pretty bad as well. Ironic. You'd figure that a nation of immigrants founded on the notions of freedom and progress would be more welcoming to immigrants and more progressive and free yet the USA was one of the last nations to abandon slavery, to forbid segregation and to discourage racism. America has tonnes upon tonnes of symbols of freedom, justice and equality...Whilst heavily lacking all three of those things. It's not as bad as Pakistan, but it's not even a quarter of what it's advertized to be. But that's why they're there. It's called indoctrination and propaganda; America is very good at it.

    PS: The American flag is not a symbol of freedom. It's a symbol of the unity of the American people and the sacrifice given by your forefathers to establish your dying nation.

  • Yes, it's definitely one of them

    The Statue of Liberty is cited by many immigrants as the first thing they saw when coming to America, and the first sign that they knew that they were starting a new, better life of freedom. For this reason, it stands as one of the strongest symbols of freedom America has. Only the flag might be considered a more universal symbol.

  • It's what greeted immigrants.

    Yes, the Statue of Liberty is the strongest American symbol of freedom, because it is still what people think of when they think of the United States. It also greets people when they first arrive at our shores from Europe. The Statue of Liberty is the beacon of freedom for those seeking a better life. We have nothing else like it.

  • No, I don't believe it is.

    While I think it was the strongest American symbol of freedom back when immigrants were coming through Ellis Island, I don't believe it represents this generations symbol of freedom. I think because how our nation has changed with wars and terrorism, I believe the fallen towers of the world trade center or the flags that are draped on soldiers caskets are much stronger symbols for this century.

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