O.J. Simpson said he 'had dreams of killing' slain wife: Should Simpson have been found guilty of murder?

  • Yes, I believe that O.J. Simpson should have been found guilty of murder.

    Yes, I believe that O.J. Simpson should have been found guilty of murder because Simpson had no solid alibi, had a track record of spousal abuse and his blood and footprints were present in the crime scene. I think that O.J. Simpson was a murderer, but he finally was brought to justice 13 years too late.

  • Simpson should have been convicted

    With the recent television show that came on highlighting the events of the trial, it is apparent he did actually commit this murder and should have been convicted. I understand TV shows like to skew the actual events, but even looking past that and digging into the history of the case, it is very clear that he committed this crime.

  • O.J. Simpson was guilty

    Nothing brings to mind the nineties like the infamous "Trial of the Century," where football star O.J. Simpson was put on trial for the murder of Nicole Simpson Brown. There is a mountain of evidence for O.J. Simpson's guilt, not least of which is his statement that he had "dreamed" of killing her. This indicates an intention to cause harm, whether subconscious or not, and the fact that he acted on those horrible dreams proves he is guilty.

  • If the glove don't fit

    Dreams do not equate reality. If they did, I would be much happier than I am right now, lol. He was tried by a jury of his peers and was found innocent. That is the system we live under so that is what we must abide by. Love it or leave it.

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