Oakland warehouse fire: Should the manager Derick Almena be held criminally responsible for the deaths?

  • He Is Responsible

    This man, likely a narcissistic sociopath, is absolutely culpable for these senseless deaths. He knew the Ghostship was a fire trap, did nothing to address it, profited from worse-than-slumlord practices (water and electricity were routinely shut off), has had his own kids removed by CPS from this "residence," and displayed a consistent disdain for any city intervention of his "creation." He should be convicted of manslaughter.

  • He Is Responsible

    This man is a narcissistic sociopath. He knew that the Ghostship was a death trap, and he actively did zero to address the very real concerns that were brought to him, and that he absolutely witnessed on a daily basis. Yes, the landlord is culpable as well, but he is nonetheless directly responsible for subletting dangerous warehouse space to naive or unthinking renters. He should be convicted if manslaughter.

  • Yes this so called "manager " approaching 50 years of age should be held directly accountable.

    This man, a criminal felon made money off of this firetrap with a complete disregard for safety. I believe that he may have some
    type of personality disorder and other issues , along with his criminal
    record. People need to recognize this and steer clear of these dangerous deluded individuals.

  • Yes, the Oakland warehouse manager should be held responsible for the death of his tenants

    The Oakland warehouse manager, Derick Almena, should be held responsible for the death of his tenants, at least to an extent. He allowed many more people than capacity to live under his roof. He also knew of the safety concerns that surrounded his building, yet he still allowed people to live in filth without doing anything to fix the building. It was an accident waiting to happen.

  • It was dangerous.

    The manager of that building knew that it was dangerous. He knew that there had been a fire in the building before. He knew that there were a lot of flammable things in the building. The manager should have done a better job putting warning systems or even smoke extinguishers in the building.

  • It's too early to say.

    While the District Attorney has said that they are considering criminal charges against Derek Almena concerning the Oakland Warehouse fire, this is not a definite eventuality at this point in time. It may be the case that the state decide to press criminal charges against him at the conclusion of the investigation but it is still too early to form an opinion.

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  • No, warehouse manager Derick Almena should not be held criminally responsible for the deaths in the Oakland warehouse fire.

    No, warehouse manager Derick Almena should not be held criminally responsible for the deaths in the Oakland warehouse fire. The pain he is experiencing over the loss of his friends and the warehouse he managed must be unbearable. He is not the only culpable party in this situation, and he should not be treated as such.

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