Obama a liar? Post examples of lies (yes) or of what was thought to be lies (no) no repeats! Can't find an example? Don't vote.

Asked by: xhammy
  • Yeah but not really much more than other presidents. Definetley less than the Bush junior administration

    Lied about...Support for gay marriage, drone strikes killing american citizens, etc. Hes lied about things hes done like any polititian. Not saying its acceptable but its true. Hes an ok president. Im not the biggest fan hes not an active enough progressive. Hes kind of center right.
    And by the way there is a pay gap xhammy.

  • Obama is a liar

    He lied about letting people keep their doctors under his healthcare programs, getting troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the gender pay gap. He's showed time and time again that his actions don't match what he says. Also, the women's pay gap is one of the most commonly used statistics in modern society, but is factually incorrect and defies the laws of economics.

  • Women's pay gap! HA!

    Obama is pressing support for the women pay gap myth. The supporting statistic doesn't account for difference in position, field, or even hours worked. It is one of the easiest to disprove lies. If business owners could pay women less than men, they would fire all their male workers to take advantage of this and there would be no reason to hire men. Lies!!!

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Daktoria says2015-04-15T15:31:41.850
If you hear someone lying, and you know someone's a liar, why do you need to maintain a record of that lie after the fact? If anything, that's a waste of your attention span, and enables the liar to hold you back for the rest of your life since you can't use that attention for something else.