Obama addresses US troops: 'Privilege of my life' to serve as commander in chief. Did Obama live up to our expectations?

  • Mr. Obama delivered what he pledged from a military perspective

    Mr. Obama pledged to get out of Iraq and he did. Unfortunately the vacuum that was left helped give rise ISIS and ultimately led to a disaster in Syria and much of Iraq. In Libya, he promised to get rid of Kadaffi and he did. Nevertheless, Libya is now a failed state and it is questionable whether that intervention truly saved lives.

  • Obama did not live up to our expectations

    Obama did not live up to our expectations. He failed in the area of race relations, and rural and inner-city poverty. The president was not active in trying to clear out riots either. Rioters and protestors were allowed to cut off traffic. He needed to give the authorities the power to restore order with force.

  • Obama did not live up to our expectations

    Although Obama sincerely wanted to give hope to the nation, he failed miserably. The people elected him expecting a leader who would help America recover from recession and heal the country, but instead they got an ineffective President who didn't do much good. The military does not respect him and neither do many who elected him only to be disappointed.

  • Obama did not live up to many people's expectations.

    President Obama spoke of tremendous change when he took office, much like most presidents have done. He didn't seem to do much, similar to most presidents before him. The changes he did make did not seem in the best interests of the general public. Obamacare appears to be his most major accomplishment, which according to most, is a major disaster.

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