Obama around town: Should the president try harder to meet ordinary Americans?

  • Yes, the President should try harder to meet Ordinary Americans!

    When the President is elected, he/she are trying to please the peoples needs. But without understanding their problems the President will never know what to actually "fix" in our country. Rather than spending time on his basketball court on top of the Supreme Court Building, he should be out their meeting people.

  • Man of the town.

    Yea,,,,this guy spends most of his spare time in Hawaii or with his family on some expensive vacation. I see him on the news playing golf a lot and hanging out with celebrities and professional athletes. He likes to go and silly talk shows. He only takes photo opportunities with average folk occasionally.

  • Connect To Learn

    I think it's important that any ruler of a country should do their best to meet their ordinary country men. By spending time with ordinary citizens, they can learn about their struggles, and obtain new view points on subjects in order to adapt policies to help those who require it. Meeting your people is just good politics.

  • The caring factor

    People dont care how much you know until they know how much you care. I believe it is extremely important that the president sees to it to meet more ordinary people because he gets the chance to see how his decisions affect the entire communities both big and small. It is important from a leadership standpoint to make an effort to make all people in all ranks feel important and try to cater to their decisions. This is impossible if you dont make time to communicate with them. I am not saying knock on every door but try and make appearances more places that would be least expected and you will find ordinary people there.

  • No, the president should not try harder to meet ordinary Americans.

    The president of the United States should be too busy with his job to live a day in the life of an ordinary American. He was born an ordinary American, so he should not need to learn how to be one. If he wishes to do so, he can do that when he is a regular citizen again. There also isn't time for him to learn to be ordinary, if he is not already. The president is only elected for four years and Obama only has two left. If he hasn't figured it out by now, he isn't going to in any meaningful way in the next 24 months.

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