• Yes he was.

    The former President of United States, Barrack Obama was actually a good world leader. He possessed all the characteristics of a good leader and was liked by many. I could have voted him in once again if that was possible. He will always be the best, may he live long.

  • No, he has not been a good world leader.

    President Obama came into office with a lot of hype: He was going to restore America's place in the world. However, Obama has come up short when it comes to world affairs. No, he has not been a good world leader. America is no longer respected in the world. Of course, this is not all his fault. Previous administrations made mistakes which hurt America's standing in the world too.

  • He has not brought the world together.

    The world is not better off than it was eight years ago. The world is more split apart than it ever was before. Russia thinks that the United States is a joke. There are ongoing, devastating problems in the Middle East. Obama has done nothing to unite the world. The United States isn't taken seriously.

  • Yes, Obama has been a good leader.

    President Obama has done what he can for the uninsured and for poorer Americans in general. A Republican legislature has prevented him from doing all he could, but he never sold his soul to the Russians to win an election. Trump is going to make a lot more enemies that friends, and we will all pay the price.

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